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    PowerEdge 2161DS-2 Console Switch

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    Connectivity, flexibility and scalability

    The Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2161DS-2 console switch allows administrators to easily monitor and control multiple servers locally or remotely. Featuring:

    • 16 ports
    • Control of up to 128 servers over a single connection
    • Efficient design that enables 0U mounting in a Dell rack

    PowerEdge 2161DS Console Switch

    Highlighted Features

    The PowerEdge 2161DS-2 comes with a choice of two server interface pods (SIPs) — PS/2 or USB — to fit a variety of server needs. A SIP replaces a bulky keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) cable by converting the keyboard, monitor and mouse signals from a server and driving them up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) through a single Category 5 cable. The SIP cable draws its power from the server and has keep-alive functionality that is designed to keep the server working properly with or without connectivity to the PowerEdge 2161DS-2 unit.

    The 2161DS-2 console switch comes with the field-proven Dell Remote Console Software (RCS), a cross-platform management application that provides a single point of access for your entire system. This easy-to-use, Java-based software can be used locally or remotely over an IP connection. With RCS, administrators can easily configure the switch system and select different servers. In addition, the switch includes the On-Screen Configuration and Activity Reporting (OSCAR®) interface for analog control from the local workstation.

    An optional accessory to this switch is the Dell Port Expansion Module (PEM), which is a passive device that can be mounted next to the railing of the rack. A PEM connects to one system port on the PowerEdge 2161DS-2 and then to eight servers. With a PEM connected to each of the 16 ports on the 2161DS-2, the total system capacity expands to 128 servers.

    Other highlights include:
    • Connectivity - features digital and analog paths
    • Flash upgradeable design - for future hardware compatibility
    • Flexibility - provides access and control of multiple servers from a single screen with the RCS Java-based software
    • Scalability - provides control for up to 128 servers over a single network connection
    • Space-efficient design - occupies 0U in a Dell Rack
    • Category 5 Cabling - reduces cable bulk
    • Share Mode - allows multiple remote users to share a remote session onto the same server
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