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    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Options

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    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation
    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation

    Prodigious productivity

    Quickly design your projects, from sophisticated 2D graphics to straightforward 3D models, with the agile Dell™ Precision™ T1600 workstation. Advanced technology features include:

    • Powerful and flexible 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors or Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family options
    • Windows® 7 Ultimate
    • Adaptable integrated Intel® graphics and single or dual add-in graphics from NVIDIA®
    • Expansive memory with four slots supporting up to 32GB* 1333MHz ECC or non-ECC memory

    Superb value

    Upgrade your team to workstation-class technology without breaking your budget. Step up your productivity with cost-effective, forward-looking features and professional-grade options, including:

    • 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors
    • Surprisingly powerful integrated graphics that provide high capability at a great price
    • Cost-effective quad-monitor support via optional integrated graphics and optional single add-in graphics card
    • Exceptionally scalable architecture that helps assure future-proof workstation resources
    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation - Reliable

    Unwavering reliability

    You can count on the Dell Precision T1600 tower for a long life of dependable service and, if needed, easy repair:
    • ISV certified on the applications that matter most to you, helping assure that your mission-critical projects will be completed without delay.
    • New toolless chassis that provides easy and straightforward access to system components and upgrades.
    • A Dell Precision legacy that includes a long line of rock-solid, steadfast workstations.
    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation - Custom Integration

    Support you can count on

    Optional Custom Factory Integration (CFI) incorporates hardware, images, applications, peripherals and documents with your system as it’s being built to help simplify and speed up deployment and improve consistency and compatibility.
    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation - Premium Support

    Support you can count on

    Dell's premium support service, ProSupport™*, features 24/7 direct telephone access to advanced-level technicians based in your region to end downtime and resolve problems quickly.
    Dell Precision T1600 Tower Workstation - Collaborative Support

    Support you can count on

    ProSupport's Collaborative Support feature provides assistance even if you have a problem with non-Dell hardware or software. We will utilize our relationships with over 75 top third-party vendors to act as your single point of contact to help resolve your issue.
    Customization and setup

    Deployment services
    Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customization and utilization of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.

    Client migration and deployment
    Dell Managed Deployment services are for customers who need a comprehensive, end -to-end deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments, which require a single point of contact.

    Installation services
    Dell provides streamlined standard installation services so you can easily choose the specific package that quickly gets new systems into the workspace and old systems out.

    Microsoft Windows Vista Assessment and Dell Deployment
    Dell can help you assess your PC deployment process and recommend ways in which you can improve efficiency, reduce complexity and maximize the return on your IT investment.
    Asset Recovery Services

    Asset Recovery Services offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price.


    Dell offers comprehensive training services, which include hardware and software training, as well as PC skills and professional development classes. Our flexible approach allows you to tailor classes to the needs and busy schedules of your employees with instructor-led classrooms or virtual courses, and even self-directed online options. Dell training can help improve system reliability, maximize productivity, and reduce end-user requests and downtime.
    Drivers, Manuals & Support

    Dell Support

    From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!