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Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Program

Earn early access to new products at special bulk pricing and other program incentives.

Company Name Platinum Gold
ServerMonkey -
Serviot -
Synergy Associates -
Trace3 -
V3 -
Xbyte -
Atlantix Global -
Centrics -
Cxtec -
Fornida -
Procurri -
Serverworlds -
STI(Stallard) -
Dell Outlet’s Authorized Reseller Program earns your business the opportunity for special pricing on products and services, early access to new product launches, listing on the partner page and more!

Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Program

Program Entry Gold Platinum
Authorized Reseller Designation with Status Level
Bulk Purchase Pricing on Eligible Products
Weekly Large Inventory Lists -
Bulk Access to New Product Launches -
Product Allocations by Configuration -
Listed on Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Site -
Access to Services Pricing Matrix on Select Products -
First Access to New Product Launch Inventory - -
Dedicated Sales Team - -
Select Marketing Assets - -
Post-sales Support Contacts - -

Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Requirements Spend Levels

Program Entry Gold Platinum
Dell Outlet Monitors & Accessories $0 - $99,999 $100,000 – $199,999 $200,000+
Dell Outlet Client PCs – Laptops & Desktops $0 - $199,999 $200,000 – $999,999 $1,000,000+
Dell Outlet Servers and Storage $0 - $99,999 $100,000 – $249,999 $250,000+

To resell Dell Outlet products, all customers must accept and abide by Dell’s current Global Dell Outlet Reseller Agreement. All signed resellers begin at entry level status and are entitled to purchase and resell Dell Outlet products earning credit towards Gold and Platinum status. Customers must maintain spend for two consecutive quarters to gain status and status will be removed if spend not maintained. A customer’s status and eligibility for the program is granted at Dell’s sole discretion.

Spend Requirements - Spend and tier status are calculated individually per line of business – Client PCs, Enterprise, and Refurbished Monitors and Accessories. Early access and additional pricing benefits extended to other lines of business by maintaining full spend in a primary line of business plus 50% or more of the required spend in the additional line of business. Example: If a customer is an Authorized Dell Outlet Gold Reseller in Client PCs having met the requirements spending over $200,000+ in a single quarter and wants to extend gold benefits to Dell Outlet Monitors and accessories, they would first need to spend at least $50,000 on Dell Outlet Monitors and accessories (or 50% of the independent requirement of $100.000) while maintaining their Gold Status on Dell Outlet Client PCs – Laptops & Desktops.

No more than 25% of purchases can be placed on credit card. Dell Outlet may wave this requirement if a customer maximizes all alternate payment methods and credit lines. Exceptions are at Dell’s sole discretion.

Customers who place over 60% of their total quarterly spend in a single month will be capped at the values below. Example in Client PCs quarterly spend: M1 Customer spends $250K, M2 customer spends $50K and M3, Customer spends $0 – M1 spend would be capped at $120K because over 83% of their quarterly spend was place in Month 1. Total eligible purchases would equal $170,000.

Revenue cap if Total Quarterly Spend Exceeds 60% in a Single Month

Program Entry Gold Platinum
Dell Outlet Monitors & Accessories $60,000 $60,000 $120,000
Dell Outlet Client PCs – Laptops & Desktops $120,000 $120,000 $600,000
Dell Outlet Enterprise $60,000 $60,000 $150,000

Spend period is calculated off Dell’s fiscal quarter calendar. (April, July, October, January).

Customers in the program may communicate they are a Dell Outlet Authorized _______ Reseller. Dell reserves to right to adjust the program thresholds or a customer’s status at its discretion.

Program benefits and individual eligibility are offered at Dell’s sole discretion and can be modified or cancelled at any time. Acceptance of, and full compliance with the Global Dell Outlet Reseller Agreement is a requirement for participation in this Program. Tier status is based on eligible purchases made through the Dell Outlet organization only. Certain orders are not eligible for credit under this Program, including but not limited to those placed by third parties, those for which full payment is not made, those that are returned, or those that are deemed to be fraudulent. Certain payment methods and order types do not earn credit, including redeemed rewards and Promo eGift Cards. Exchange and concession orders may not be eligible for credit. Credits and benefits will only apply to purchases placed with or after Program enrollment.

Bulk Purchase Pricing on Eligible Products – Additional discounts available on select products based on inventory, volume purchased and reseller tier status.

Weekly Large Inventory Lists – Weekly bulk inventory lists subject to inventory availability and holiday timing.

Bulk Purchase Access to new Product Launch Inventory - Platinum customers get two business days of exclusive bulk purchase access for four weeks after a new Dell Outlet product is launched. Remaining inventory may be offered to Gold and other authorized partners after 48 hours. New products will be available for end user purchase on the website. Bulk purchase defined as five or more units per family during the exclusivity period.

Product Allocations by Configuration – Product allocations entitle customer to lock in exclusive resale/bulk purchase pricing and access of a product configuration or family as inventory becomes available for resell for up to one quarter at a time. Customers may exit the agreement at any time by declining the next allotment of the product or refusing the quarterly review and renewal of an allocation. Rejected allocations will be made available to all customers immediately.

Listed on Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller Site – Gold and Platinum resellers will be listed on a Dell Outlet Authorized Reseller page with company name, status, and contact information.

Access to Services Pricing Matrix on Select Products – Select products eligible to receive special standard pricing on warranty and service products for Dell Outlet products. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Dedicated Sales Team – Customer will have direct contact with a dedicated sales team to support Dell Outlet purchases.

Select Marketing Resources – Dell Outlet may share select marketing resources for use and co-branding by partners.

Post-sales Support Contacts – Additional sales support resources will be shared to expedite order support.

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