• Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    • Accelerate innovation with hybrid cloud solutions

    • While the cloud has ushered in a new era of computing, it has also created a new wave of challenges. Enterprises today typically work with multiple public cloud technologies, creating significant integration and management burdens. The complexity of managing these multicloud environments has led many organizations to move workloads back to on-premises data centers, creating hybrid clouds that can potentially improve application and workload portability.

      To manage this new infrastructure, enterprises need hybrid cloud solutions that offer consistent operations and infrastructure. That’s why so many enterprises today are turning to Dell Technologies Cloud for hybrid cloud solutions that simplify management, improve cloud economics and help to accelerate innovation.

    • VMware Cloud on Dell

      A VMware managed on-premesis infrastructure, delivered as-a-service designed to run your most critical business workloads.

    • The need for consistency in cloud solutions

    • As cloud technology has evolved, IT departments have increasingly been able to choose the best cloud solution for any given workload or application. As a result, many enterprises have adopted a multicloud infrastructure that includes public, private and edge cloud solutions.

      Public cloud solutions provide access to shared cloud server, cloud storage and cloud networking capacity with a pay-as-you-go delivery model that enables rapid scalability. Public clouds also offer access to new technologies such as AI/ML, serverless computing and real-time cloud analytics.

      Private clouds offer benefits in low-latency performance, tighter security, and easier management of data governance and data locality concerns. And edge cloud computing reduces costs and provides low-latency experiences by shifting processing power to the edge of the enterprise network.

      While this diverse mix of technologies provides benefits in application and operational efficiency, it also creates added cost and additional management complexity, with inconsistent management tools, inconsistent security profiles, and inconsistent SLAs. To take advantage of multiple cloud technologies, enterprises need hybrid cloud solutions that offer a consistent operational experience for orchestrating workloads and portability between clouds with greater ease. That’s where Dell Technologies Cloud can help.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud: the simplest path to hybrid cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is a suite of hybrid cloud solutions that utilizes the expertise of Dell Technologies to provide a consistent operating model for managing private, public and edge clouds. This jointly engineered effort significantly simplifies deployment and lifecycle management of hybrid clouds, providing the security, control and reliability of private cloud along with the simplicity, flexibility and economics of public cloud.

      With Dell Technologies Cloud, enterprises can:
      Streamline management of hybrid cloud environments with a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure.
      Optimize TCO with flexible consumption models, choosing the ideal mix of public, private and cloud edge resources.
      Enhance security with a single security framework across public and private clouds.
      Increase efficiency by enabling IT teams to work with a familiar tools and operating models while managing multiple clouds.
      Deploy cloud workloads to the optimal environment based on application and business requirements.
      Enable workload mobility with fewer errors and greater efficiency.
      Increase speed to market with the latest VMware software and Kubernetes distribution.

    • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is built on a turnkey platform, VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, that delivers consistent operations and infrastructure for the simplest path to hybrid cloud. Full stack integration means both the HCI infrastructure layer and VMware Cloud software stack lifecycle can be managed as a single, complete and automated turnkey hybrid cloud solution, reducing risk and increasing IT efficiency.

      With Dell Technologies Cloud platform, enterprises can:
      Work with consistent infrastructure and operations that let IT teams manage all cloud operations through a familiar set of tools with a consistent management experience.
      Eliminate DevOps silos and sprawl with the ability to run traditional workloads alongside cloud native container-based applications.
      Future-proof the cloud with hybrid cloud solutions that will be compatible with next-generation VMware Cloud technologies.
      Enjoy automated lifecycle management with one-click, curated, end-to-end stack patching and upgrading.
      Move to hybrid cloud more easily by automating SDDC deployment and Kubernetes workload infrastructure deployment, eliminating manual steps for host configuration, managing hypervisors and creating a secure, virtual network.

    • Why choose hybrid cloud solutions from Dell Technologies?

    • Dell Technologies hybrid cloud solutions provide a simplified and consistent approach to the cloud that can be tailored for specific organizations to reach new levels of agility, reliability, data protection and control. Dell Technologies also provides:
      A single vendor experience with consistent SLAs across all cloud workloads and single-vendor support.
      Unparalleled breadth of capabilities with a range of cloud solutions that enable greater innovation and provide the flexibility of cost-efficient, multiple cloud consumption models.
      A consistent experience and common management tools across all clouds, enabling IT teams to choose the optimal mix of public, private and edge cloud resources.
      Support for all major cloud partners, with the ability to extend hybrid cloud solutions to the world’s broadest cloud ecosystem that includes more than 4,200 cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

    • FAQs: What are hybrid cloud solutions?

    • What is a hybrid cloud?
      A hybrid cloud involves private cloud over structure and one or more public clouds that are bound together by a standardized management technology for greater data and application portability to enable, for example, cloud bursting or load-balancing between clouds.

      What is multicloud architecture?
      A multicloud architecture involves the use of multiple different public cloud services, and possibly private cloud infrastructure, but without technology for easily managing workload mobility between platforms.

      What are hybrid cloud solutions?
      Hybrid cloud solutions, like Dell Technologies Cloud, make it easier for IT teams to manage a hybrid cloud environment. Superior hybrid cloud solutions provide a common set of tools for managing all public, private and edge cloud resources, helping to improve efficiency, reduce risk and minimize the cost of managing hybrid clouds.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      APEX Data Storage Services is an on-premises, as-a-service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment.*

      *OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies. 

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Storage

      Combine cost-effective, scalable and resilient data storage with native public cloud services.

    • APEX Flex on Demand

      Acquire the technology you need to support your changing business with APEX Flex on Demand. Achieve payments that scale to match your actual usage.