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No Power

Dell Products

Your Dell computer may experience problems turning on when you press the button. Power issues on a computer can be caused due to faulty power outlet, surge protector, power strip, docking station, or even the power cable.

  • The computer does not turn on after pressing the power button.
  • There are no signs of power, none of the LEDs turn on when the power button is pressed.

No power troubleshooting video

Watch this video to identify if your Dell computer is experiencing a power issue.

Follow these quick steps to recover your Dell computer from a power issue.

  1. Perform a hard reset. A hard reset helps drain static electricity that may cause power issues.

    Press the power button

  2. Verify that the power outlet is working. Try a known-good power outlet.

    Power outlet

  3. Connect the power cable directly to the power outlet. Bypass any surge protectors or power strips to ensure that these devices are not causing the power issue.

  4. Check the LED indicator on the AC adapter (applicable for Dell laptops and select Dell all-in-one desktops). A loose power cable or a faulty AC adapter can cause power issues.

    AC adapter with LED indicator on the plug

  5. For Dell desktops, run a diagnostic test on the power supply unit to verify if the power supply unit is working correctly. A hardware failure with the power supply unit can cause power issues.

    Power supply LED indicator on a Dell desktop

  6. For Dell laptops, bypass the docking station and connect the AC adapter directly to the laptop. This helps isolate if the docking station is causing the power issue.

    Connect ac adapter to the laptop

If the computer fails to turn on after following the above steps, contact Dell Technical Support for repair options that are available in your region.

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