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Dell PC does not turn on or boot into Windows

Is your Dell PC having trouble powering on or booting into the operating system? This article helps you find troubleshooting guides for no power, no post, no boot, and no video issues based on ... Read more

How to Turn the Wireless Devices on a Dell Notebook On and Off

When you need to disable all the wireless connections on your Dell notebook, such as when you are on an airplane, you can enable Airplane Mode (Flight Mode). You can also disable individual ... Read more

Overheating, Fan Noise, Freezing, Blue Screens, Slow or Lagging Performance with the G3 (3579/3779/3500), G5 (5587/5590/5500/5505), G7 (7588/7590/7790/7500/7700), and the Vostro 7580

Freezing, Blue Screens, Slow or Lagging Performance, Overheating with Fan Noise While gaming, playing a video or surfing the Internet your system may start to perform abnormally. For example, slow ... Read more

Dell Notebook, Phone or Tablet Cracked or Broken LCD Screen Options and Procedures

This article provides information on the policy and options when the LCD screen on a Dell Notebook, Venue phone or tablet is cracked or broken. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Read more

How to Troubleshoot Audio or Sound Playback Issues

Having trouble with audio or sound on your Dell PC? If you notice symptoms like no sound or no audio, stuttering, jarring, crackling, or choppy audio, intermittent audio, distorted audio, follow ... Read more

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