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Dell EMC VPLEX: How to determine or find the correct serial number of a VPLEX instance.

Summary: This article explains how to find the Top-Level-Asembly (TLA) referred to as the serial number of the VPLEX.

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How to determine or find the correct Top-Level Assembly (TLA) of a VPLEX instance.
  • Find the TLA number of the cluster. This info is available on the serial number tag attached to the front top of the cabinet frame and on the packing slip.

    For example:

    " bar code                                          bar code         "
    " S/N:  LLLnnnnnnnnnnn                               Rev: Lnn        "
    " bar code                                                           "
    " P/N: nnn-nnn-nnn                                                   "
    " ZEPHYR SYSTEM <cfg size>                       ASSEMBLED in <ctry> "

    Legend:  L = letter,  n = number

    S/N = Serial Number, P/N = Part Number

  • List the attributes of engine 1 using the command below and note the" top-level-assembly" number in the output. This TLA is the same for each engine in a cluster. The Engine serial number is unique to each engine.

    You will need to login into the Management Server using the Service level account, then access the VPlexcli using the same Service level account. For pre-GeoSynchrony 6.x versions you will need to use the service account credentials to access the VPlexcli. For GeoSynchrony 6.x and later you will be logged into the VPlexcli without having to use the service account credentials.

    ll /engines/engine-<Cluster_ID>-1

    Sample output for accessing the VPlexcli  for pre-GeoSynchrony 6.x:

    service@ManagementServer:~> vplexcli
    Trying 1...
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    username: service
    creating logfile:/var/log/VPlex/cli/session.log_service_localhost_T14852_YYYYHHMMSSxxxx

           Sample output for accessing the VPlexcli for GeoSynchrony and later:
login as: service
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Last login: Day Month Date HH:MM:SS YYYY from x.x.x.x
service@ManagementServer:~> login as: service
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Last login: Day Month date HH:MM:SS YYYY from x.x.x.x
service@ManagementServer:~> vplexcli
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.


          Sample output for engine info
VPlexcli:/> ll /engines/engine-1-1



Name                            Value
--------------------------  --------------
cluster-deployment-id  1
enclosure-id                 1
engine-id                    1-1
health-indications           [ ]
health-state                 ok
marker-led                   off
operational-status           online
part-number                  303-096-000C
revision-number              C02
serial-number               FCNBD100400000 <--
this is unique to each engine
top-level-assembly          CKM00101100000 <-- this is the TLA, sometimes referred to as the serial number, different from the engine serial number.
wwn-seed                    3ca0026a
Additional Information
In the ll /engines/engine-1-1 output these below values are listed. The TLA is what we are looking for in this case yet there are times the TLA is sometimes called the VPLEX serial number. The Serial number or TLA of the VPLEX is what you will see in all call home reports and is used when opening an Service Request (SR) with support. The VPLEX TLA or serial number  begins with FNM or CKM only today.

serial-number          FCNBD100XXX000           (unique for each engine)
top-level-assembly     CKM0010XXX0000           (VPLEX serial number used in CSI)

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