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Article Number: 000061966

Data Domain Boost: What is DDBoost plug-in and what it does?

Summary: Customer has generic questions about DDBoost plug-in functionality, or has technical issues that suspects are tied to the DDBoost plug-in.

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After installation DDBoost plug-in is ready to use and offers no additional configuration items of its own.

Customer has generic questions about DDBoost plug-in functionality, or has technical issues that suspects are tied to the DDBoost plug-in.


DDBoost plug-in is an software libary that - when integrated with backup applications using TCP/IP - utilizes TCP/IP connections as directed by backup software. Developers who choose to implement DDBoost capability can add functionality such as interface groups (ifgroups), client-side deduplication and managed file-replication to their software, thereby adding value and interoperability with other DDBoost- capable products.

Dell EMC's products do not require separate DDBoost plug-in install. Each Dell EMC product that supports DDBoost is tied to the DDBoost plug-in version it comes with. Upgrading to new version of DDBoost plug-in is not possible without upgrading to new version of the Dell EMC software.

Majority of 3rd party software - such as offerings by Veritas, Oracle or other non-Dell EMC software providers - need separate DDBoost plug-in install. These 3rd party products can also need additional license keys, subject to cost. For 3rd party products with requirement for separate plug-in install it is possible to upgrade only the plug-in version without upgrading to new version of the backup software.

 The plug-in alone is not able to perform backups or act as backup solution. For products requiring separate DDBoost plug-in install, only item that can be altered during the installation steps is the installation path.


Customers need to be aware that DDBoost plug-in is an common software libary which allows backup software to use DDBoost- specific features. Without backup software to work with, the plug-in is an installed software package that does not offer additional configuration items or tunable options. Plug-in alone also can't perform any backups or act as backup solution.

Dell EMC products which support DDBoost have the plug-in as part of software, while 3rd party products may require separate install.  Easy way to confirm that the plug-in version in use is working as intented is to run stand-alone DDPconnchk test from the client or backup server.

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Data Domain Boost


Data Domain Boost, Data Domain Boost – File System

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20 Nov 2020



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