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How to manage Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) Thru Command Line on Dell Networking PowerConnect Switches

Summary: This article explains how Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is implemented on Dell Networking PowerConnect switches thru Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Article Content


Topics Covered


1.  Default Spanning Tree values
2.  Enabling RSTP
3.  Setting root bridge priority
4.  Enabling Portfast
5.  Verify Spanning Tree Settings


Default Values for Spanning Tree on PowerConnect 


  • enabled globally on all ports
  • RSTP mode is enabled  (Classic STP and MSTP are disabled)
  • Switch priority is set to   --  32768
  • PortFast mode set to   --  disabled



Enabling RSTP




console# configure

Enters configuration level on the switch

console(config)# spanning-tree mode RSTP

Enables spanning-tree mode RSTP globally on the switch.

console(config)# no spanning-tree mode

Disables spanning-tree globally on the switch



Setting root bridge priority




console# configure

Enter configuration level on the switch.

console(config)# spanning-tree priority 4096

Set switch global spanning-tree priority.  Range <0 - 61440>. (in steps of 4096)



The switch with the lowest priority value is elected as the root switch.  



Enabling Portfast


It is recommended to configure any edge ports, ports that go to end devices such as printers, phones, servers, workstations, to be set up as Portfast. A port in Portfast will move directly to forwarding state when the link comes up without going through listening or learning states.




console# configure

Enters configuration level on the switch

console(config)# interface te 1/0/1

Enter the specific physical port interface.

console(config)# spanning-tree portfast

Enables portfast on the interface.



Do not configure portfast on interfaces that attach to another switch or network device.


 Verify Spanning Tree Settings  


console# show spanning-tree


Spanning tree :Enabled - BPDU Flooding :Disabled - Portfast BPDU filtering :Disabled - mode :rstp
CST Regional Root:        80:00:D0:67:E5:A5:7F:C5
Regional Root Path Cost:  0
              Priority        32768
              Address         D067.E5A5.7FC5
              This Switch is the Root.
              Hello Time 2 Sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec TxHoldCount 6 sec


console# show running-config interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/1

spanning-tree portfast












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21 Feb 2021



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