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Recommended BIOS Settings for your Linux System

Summary: This article covers Linux system BIOS settings recommendations.

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BIOS must be updated or is unable to boot using RAID On mode for Serial ATA (SATA) Operation.


Linux does not natively support SATA Operation in RAID On mode as of May 2022.


To apply the recommended BIOS settings to your Dell computer with a Linux operating system, do the following:

  1. Power off the computer.
  2. Power the computer on and quickly press the F2 button until you see the BIOS setting menu.
  3. Under the General section, Boot Sequence, check that the dot is selected for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).
  4. Under the System Configuration section, SATA Operation, check that the dot is selected for Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI).
  5. Under the Secure Boot section, Secure Boot Enable, check that the dot is selected for Disabled.
  6. Click the Apply button on the bottom-right and then the Exit button.
  • BIOS setting locations vary by model.
  • Secure boot may need to be disabled for systems prior to Ubuntu 20.04 to resolve wireless issues.

For newer models, the BIOS settings referenced above are located in the following locations:

  1. Under the Boot Configuration section, check that Boot Mode has UEFI selected.
Note: Most newer models show "UEFI only" because the platform does not support Legacy Boot mode.
  1. Under Storage, SATA/NVMe Operation, check that AHCI/NVMe is selected.
  2. Under Boot ConfigurationSecure BootEnable Secure Boot, check that this is set to OFF.
  3. Click the Apply Changes button at the bottom and then the Exit button.

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Alienware, Inspiron, OptiPlex, Vostro, XPS, G Series, Precision 210, Precision 220, Precision 3240 Compact, Dell Precision Tower 3420, Dell Precision Tower 3620, Dell Precision Tower 7810

Precision 3470, Precision 3480, Precision 3490, Precision 5470, Precision 5480, Precision 5490, Precision 3520, Precision 3530, Precision 3540, Precision 3541, Precision 3550, Precision 3551, Precision 3560, Precision 3561, Precision 3570 , Precision 3571, Precision 3580, Precision 3581, Precision 3590, Mobile Precision 3591, Precision 5520, Precision 5530 2 in 1, Precision 5530, Precision 5540, Precision 5550, Precision 5560, Precision 5570, Precision 7520, Precision 7530, Precision 7540, Precision 7550, Precision 7560, Precision 5680, Mobile Precision 5690, Precision 7670, Precision 7680, Precision 5750, Precision 5760, Precision 5770, Precision 7720, Precision 7730, Precision 7740, Precision 7750, Precision 7760, Precision 7770, Precision 7780, Precision 3260 Compact, Precision 3280 Compact, Precision 330, Precision 340, Precision 3430 Small Form Factor, Precision 3431, Precision 3440 Small Form Factor, Precision 3450 Small Form Factor, Precision 3460 Small Form Factor, Precision 350, Precision 360, Precision 3630 Tower, Precision 3640 Tower, Precision 3650 Tower, Precision 3660 Tower, Precision 370, Precision 380, Precision 390, Precision 3930 Rack, Precision 400, Precision 410, Precision 420, Precision 450, Precision 470, Precision 490, Precision 530, Precision 5720 AIO, Precision 5820 Tower, Precision 5860 Tower, Precision 610, Precision 620, Precision 650, Precision 670, Precision 690, Precision 7820 Tower, Precision 7865 Tower, Precision 7920 Tower, Precision 7920 Rack, Precision M20, Precision M2300, Precision M2400, Precision M2800, Precision 3510, Precision m3800, Precision M40, Precision M4300, Precision M4400, Precision M4500, Precision M4600, Precision M4700, Precision M4800, Precision M50, Precision 5510, Precision M60, Precision M6300, Precision M6400, Precision M65, Precision M6500, Precision M6600, Precision M6700, Precision M6800, Precision M70, Precision 7510, Precision 7710, Precision M90, Precision R5400, Precision R5500, Precision R7610, Precision Rack 7910, Precision 7960 Rack, Precision T1500, Precision T1600, Precision T1650, Precision T1700, Precision T3400, Precision T3500, Precision T3600, Precision T3610, Precision 3680 Tower, Precision T5400, Precision T5500, Precision T5600, Precision T5610, Precision Tower 5810, Precision T7400, Precision T7500, Precision T7600, Precision T7610, Precision 7875 Tower, Precision Tower 7910, Precision 7960 Tower ...
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26 Apr 2024



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