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Ownership Transfer and Dell Product Registration Guides

Summary: Looking to register, update, change or transfer ownership and warranty information of your Dell computer? This article shows you how.

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For checking warranty status and renewal on your Dell Product, see Warranty & Support Services. For more information, see our guide on How to Find Warranty Status and Information for your Dell product.

Table of Contents:

  1. Dell Product Registration Guide
  2. Ownership Transfer Guide
  3. Third Party or Non-Dell Product Registration
  4. FAQs
  • Dell products that are purchased directly from Dell are automatically registered.
  • For Dell products that are purchased from Amazon directly (Sold by Amazon), you should follow the Dell Product Registration process to register your product.
  • Dell products that are purchased from third-party resellers on Amazon Marketplace (even if Fulfilled by Amazon) and eBay (or similar sites in your region), require transfer of ownership, as described in Ownership Transfer.


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Dell Product Registration

The registration of your Dell product is recommended if your Dell product is;

  • Purchased from a retail store
  • Purchased from Amazon directly (Sold by Amazon)


You can go to Dell Product Registration to register your product.

If you purchased your Dell product from a retail store (not directly from Dell), registration of your product is recommended to ensure your access to warranty support services and other Dell ownership benefits like exclusive offers and rewards.

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Ownership Transfer

NOTE: Incomplete or Incorrect details will cause a delay in processing your request and may result in a denial of the ownership transfer.

There are two main reasons to register the ownership information:

  1. Change of Ownership of new or used Dell product from third-party resellers.
    • Purchased Dell product from Amazon Marketplace (even if Fulfilled by Amazon).
    • Purchased Dell product from eBay or similar shopping sites in your region.
  2. Relocated:
    Your Dell product has been permanently relocated or moved to another country or region (6 months or more).
    NOTE: For permanently relocated computers (6 months or more), the service contract that is purchased for a computer at the point of sale (POS) is valid only in the country or region in which the computer was purchased. Upon request, Dell transfers the service contract to its new location when the service is available in the destination location.
    Return to Depot, Complete Care, Same Day, and Parts Only contracts are not always available for transfer outside of the region the coverage was purchased in. Review your contract agreement for more information.

To initiate a Warranty and Ownership Transfer, go to Warranty and Ownership Transfer and follow the instructions.

  • Dell products purchased from third-party resellers on Amazon Marketplace (even if Fulfilled by Amazon) and eBay (or similar sites in your region), submit Warranty and Ownership Transfer request.
  • Previous owner details are essential for Ownership Transfer. This form can be submitted by the new or previous owner.
  • Depending on the computer type, you may be asked to enter a Company Name.
  • Dell may contact you by email to clarify the information you have supplied and may ask for proof of purchase to allow the transfer to be processed.
  • As part of Dell's Privacy Policy, Dell cannot disclose any account information to a third party. For this reason, Dell representatives cannot complete an ownership transfer form on behalf of another party. See Privacy Statement at the bottom of Dell webpage for details.
  1. Go to Warranty and Ownership Transfer page.
  2. Select How many products that you are transferring. You can choose Single product or Up to five products.
    • For a single product, either manually enter your Service Tag or use the Detect Your Product button, then click the Continue button.
    • If you want to add upto five Service Tags, enter the tag manually and then press the Add Another button until you have added up to five tags. When ready, click the Continue button.
      NOTE: See Other types of transfers that are listed under the Continue button for more options.
  3. Enter as many of the Previous Owner Details as possible.
  4. Complete the New Owner Details. Then press Continue.
  5. A review page appears which allows you to check your details and allows you to edit any errors before continuing.
  6. Before pressing Continue, you have to tick the box to say that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Confirmation is the final page of the form.
    • Make a note of the request ID and explore the Customer Support options, in case you have questions regarding the ownership or warranty transfer.
    • Allow 7-10 business days for Domestic transfer and 15 business days for International Transfer.
    • Once the Ownership Transfer request is reviewed, you are notified through email (if opted during submission).

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Third Party or Non-Dell Product Registration

Products that do not have the Dell brand on them are called non-Dell or third-party products. Contact the manufacturer for the product to register your product and receive support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register or transfer ownership of my Dell product?

Dell recommends registering and/or transferring your Dell Product to enable you to take advantage of exclusive offers and rewards. This will also allow you to access Dell's Support Services more readily should you need assistance.


Should a company reselling Dell products continue submitting ownership tag transfer requests on behalf of their customers?

  • No. Companies reselling Dell products no longer must submit separate ownership tag transfer requests on behalf of your customer unless identified in the exceptions list.
    Exceptions List:
    1. Solution Provider: Customer information is not provided at the time of purchase.
    2. Distributor: End-user customer information is not reported in the Distribution point of sale third-party reporting to Dell.
    3. EDI orders transmitted directly using EDI from channel partner to Dell.
    4. Premier catalog orders not using MyQuotes.
  • Distributors and Solution Provider Customers should collaborate in their efforts to complete the optional fields in the Distribution point of sale third-party reporting to Dell to ensure that the computers can be transferred to the end-user customer.


What information must I provide to Dell to enable the ownership transfer?

  • Service Tag
  • Original Owner:
  • Company Name OR First/Given Name and Last Name/Surname
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • EU Tax ID (where applicable)


If I submit through the website, how long will the transfer take?

We have automated the ownership transfer at Point of Sale for channel partners provided they have provided company name, address, city, state/province, zip/postal code, and country or region to your Dell sales rep. If the product was automatically transferred, you will not need to submit a transfer request through this website.

If an ownership transfer is required through the website, the transfer process should take 7-10 business days for a domestic transfer and up to 15 business days for international transfers. This timing may vary due to the amount of information submitted.

Will my customer have to register their product in their name?

No. As long as the customer information is provided when the order is placed by a Solution Provider or the Distributor through point of sale reporting, the ownership of one or more computers are automatically transferred.
For more information regarding warranties, select your Service Contract Region.

Was the System purchased second hand, through an auction website or third-party company?

In order to take advantage of any remaining warranty (if applicable) for a Dell System purchased through an auction site or through a third party, you must complete the transfer of ownership form by providing the following pieces of information:

  • Previous Owner Information
  • Service Tag and Express Code


NOTE: As part of Dell's Privacy Policy, Dell cannot disclose any account information to a third party. For this reason, Dell representatives cannot complete an ownership transfer form on behalf of another party. See the Privacy Statement at the bottom of the Dell webpage for details.

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