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Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues on Inspiron Systems

Summary: This article provides troubleshooting steps to determine whether the SmartByte application is a contributing factor in slow network performance.

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  • Bookmark this article as rebooting the computer may be needed.
  • Dell recommends downloading and updating to the latest version of SmartByte. 
  • Test network performance by going to

Troubleshooting Steps:

CAUTION: Perform the following steps in the order they are provided!
  1. Update Windows 10 Version:

    1. Test network performance and record the result for comparison during the following troubleshooting steps.
    2. Update the system BIOS to the latest revision available from For more information, see Dell Knowledge base article Dell BIOS Updates.
    3. Update the version of Windows 10:
      1. Ensure that your computer is running Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher.
      2. To determine what version of Windows you are on, perform the following steps:
        1. Press and hold the Windows (SLN309274_en_US__2iC_Windows_Key_BD_v4) key, and then press the q key.
        2. In the Search box, type winver.
        3. Touch or click winver (Run command).
        4. Locate the operating system Build number in parentheses.
          NOTE: When the operating system Build is lower than 14393.0, you can download the latest update for Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. SLN309274_en_US__4iC_External_Link_BD_v1
        5. Test network performance and record the result.
    4. If the issue persists, continue to Update System Drivers.

  2. Update System Drivers:

    1. Update your Wireless and Ethernet drivers.
      1. For more information, see Dell Knowledge base article How to Download and Install a Driver
        NOTE: This article describes installing the Dell SupportAssist application that provides automated detection, driver download, and installation of outdated drivers.
      2. Reboot the computer after each driver installation if prompted.
      3. Test network performance and record the result.
    2. If the issue persists, continue to Update the SmartByte Application.

  3. Update the SmartByte Application:

    1. Record the SmartByte version number from Control Panel.
    2. Update the SmartByte application. 
    3. Test network performance at and record the result.
    4. Open the SmartByte application, turn off SmartByte, and retest network performance at
      1. If speed increases, leave SmartByte off.
      2. If there are no changes to speed, turn SmartByte back on.
      NOTE: To to turn SmartByte on or off:
      1. Press and hold the Windows (SLN309274_en_US__2iC_Windows_Key_BD_v4) key, and then press the q key.
      2. In the Search box, type "SmartByte."
      3. Touch or click SmartByte (Trusted Microsoft Store app).
      4. Touch or click the slider to the right of SmartByte to turn the SmartByte application off or on.


SmartByte may contribute to a reduced overall network speed in specific circumstances. This is a normal situation as SmartByte allocates a small percentage of the available network bandwidth to its own operation. There may be other contributing factors to account for measured speeds below what your ISP provides on average.


If network performance has not improved after performing these steps and switching SmartByte off, then the issue is not associated with SmartByte. Perform standard network troubleshooting to resolve this performance issue. For more information, see the Networking, WiFi, and Bluetooth support pages.

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21 Feb 2023



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