How to Check the System Configuration on Your Dell System

Summary: How to view your Dell system configuration as it was shipped and as it is now.

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This guide explains how to check your systems components list online. This includes hardware, software, and services purchased with the system at the point of sale. 

Checking your order configuration

You can check your system configuration as it was shipped on our support site. It displays information such as:

  • Computer Model
  • Shipping Date
  • Country Purchased
  • Hardware Components (Quantity & Part Numbers)
  • Software Purchased or Installed
  • Services

Use the steps below to find your configuration information:

  1. Browse to the Dell Support website.
  2. You are given three options to identify your computer.


    • Touch or click the listing for your computer under THIS PC.
      SLN285421_en_US__1icon Note: When there is no listing for your computer under THIS PC, you can touch or click Download & Install SupportAssist, which will automatically identify your computer for you. Follow the prompts to download and install SupportAssist.
    • Enter the Service Tag, Dell EMC Product ID, or Model, and then touch or click the Search button, and select your computer from the list.
    • Touch or click Browse all products: You must select the type of device you have, the brand name, and then the product model.
      SLN285421_en_US__1icon Note: For more information refer to Dell Knowledge Base article, How to Determine the Model Number of Your Dell Computer or the video below.
  3. Touch or click the link for View System Configuration to the right of Warranty.
  4. Choose the appropriate option: Original configuration (as shipped) or Current configuration (prompts you to Run SupportAssist to analyze your system).
  5. A list of components that are configured on your system appears, with the Dell part number, description, and quantity.

Video (English Only)- Find your Desktop, Laptop, or AIO Service Tag (1:47)

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