How to use the Dell Support Site to identify and install the drivers for your Dell PC

Summary: This article takes you through how to use the Dell Support Site to find and install the correct and latest drivers for your Dell system.

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The following article provides information on how to find the correct drivers for your Dell PC and how to download and install them from the Dell Support site to your PC.

Table of Contents:

  1. Identifying the Correct Drivers
  2. Downloading the Drivers
  3. Installing the Drivers
  4. Identifying and Installing any missed Drivers


Identifying the Correct Drivers


This section takes you through the Dell Support Site from the front-page or alternatively if you are familiar with the Support pages you can skip to section 3 or by using this Drivers Link. and entering your system details


(Fig.1.1 Dell Support Page)


(Fig.1.2 Close Up of System Select box)

SLN151785_en_US__3icon Caution: If you are working on a different PC from the one you are looking for drivers for, please enter the Service Tag of the system requiring the drivers instead.  This will be a mix of both characters and numbers and is available both on a sticker on your computer and in the System Information page in your BIOS.

When you have your system information available, select System Configuration from the menu running down the left hand side of the page. This will provide you with information on the hardware in your system.

This gives you a choice of Original Configuration, which is how the system shipped from us, or Current Configuration,  which tries to analyze your current hardware configuration (recommended)

  1. You can select Original if no changes have been made to the system since it was purchased.


    (Fig.1.3 Original Configuration Box)

  2. Select Current if any changes to the machine have been made and you are visiting the site on the PC in question.


    (Fig.1.4 Current Configuration Box)

    Note down the configuration info or take a screen shot. You may need to refer to this when you pick your drivers from the next page.

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Downloading the Correct Drivers


Select Drivers & Downloads which is the option that appears in the menu to the left hand side of the page.

Automatically scanning and updating the Drivers on your PC


(Fig.2.1 Drivers Auto Detect Box)

SLN151785_en_US__7icon Note: This option is best if you have the system connected to the internet and can access the Dell Support Site directly on this system.
  1. Dell Recommends using the Auto Detect option. Clicking on the Detect Drivers Button install our System Detect software onto your PC and scans your system for any needed driver updates. (Running this option means that you shouldn't need the information from the System Configuration.)

SLN151785_en_US__7icon Note: Please be aware that Dell System Detect only works on the PC it is downloaded to. (That is the one that is currently connected to the support site.) If you are looking for drivers for another system, (A system that can't connect to the Support site for example.) this option will not work for you. Please go to Drivers Search instead.

Using the Driver Search box to find the required drivers and updates


(Fig.2.2 Drivers Search Box)

SLN151785_en_US__7icon Note: This option is best if you are troubleshooting a specific issue or you cannot connect the system to our support site to run the analysis scan.
  1. Using the Search Box option you can enter your search terms - Driver Keyword, Operating System Type, Driver Category and Format.

    1. Keyword: This is your driver search terms, such as BIOS, Video, Display, Wireless, etc.

    2. Operating System: This is a drop down box, select the operating system currently installed on the system.

    3. Category: This is a drop down box, select the category closest to your search terms.

    4. Format: This is a drop down box, select the format you require.

  2. As soon as you type something in Keyword it will start displaying possible matches.

  3. Using the other drop down boxes narrows down the matches displayed. There are two further options you can select:

    1. You can tick the Show Downloads for Factory-Installed components check box. This will limit the matches to the hardware having shipped with that system. (If you've entered a service tag for that system.)

    2. You can tick the Show Urgent Downloads only check box. This will display only those matches that Dell regards as having to be updated to, right now.

  4. There is a tick box to the left of each possible match, this is so you can select a driver and add it to a download list. (The Add Selected to Download List button is greyed out until a possible match is selected.) Alternatively there is a download link to the right of each possible match and this lets you directly download that driver now.

  5. I would recommend changing each file name to match what it is for or add a number for it's place in the order of installation. i.e. instead of "R453423.EXE", change it to "Chipset.EXE" or "1R453423.EXE" and so on.

  6. Once you have all the drivers downloaded and transferred to the correct system then its time to start installing them.

SLN151785_en_US__7icon Note: You can create a subscription at the bottom of the Drivers and Downloads page to receive a notification of when new drivers and updates are available for your device.

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Installing the Drivers


In the list below you will find the order of install on a Dell PC for each type of driver. These are Generic types of driver and you match your driver to that type. If your driver doesn't match the list, then move it to the end of the list.

> Desktop > Notebook
> Intel Additional CHIPSETS > Intel Additional CHIPSETS
> Any Additional Drivers > Dell Data Protection | Access
  > WIFI
  > BLUETOOTH (if applicable)
  > WWAN (if applicable)
  > Any Additional Drivers

When you click on the Driver File it will pop up a window and ask if you want to Extract to a location and it will suggest C:\Dell\Drivers\ I recommend you stick with this location. Once it has finished extracting it will pop up an Installation Wizard which will guide you through the install step by step.

If the driver asks to restart the PC, Reboot and carry on with the remainder of the list.

SLN151785_en_US__7icon Note: If any Driver doesn't install then record the error given and contact Technical Support.

Useful Tip :

For many of the Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision Pro Support systems, you can find an install guide specific to your model and operating system, by either of two different methods :

  • Method 1 - Search on the Dell Support site for the System Guide for your particular model type (i.e. "Dell OptiPlex 990 System Guide") and on the System Guide page, select the correct link listed under Installation / Drivers > Driver Install Order.
  • Method 2 - Search on the Dell Support site using the search terms: (your model type)(your operating System) Driver install order.

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Identifying and Installing any Missed Drivers


Once the list is complete go to your Device Manager in your Operating System and check for any Unknown or Other devices listed. These are the drivers that have been missed or haven't installed correctly. You can get to this from either Control Panel or by Searching in the Start Menu.


  1. Right click on each of the Unknown or Other devices and select Properties.


  1. Go to the Details tab and select Hardware IDs and copy the information down. Do this for each one.

SLN151785_en_US__151372668179269.driver hardware id

  1. There are 2 ways to identify the missing drivers.

    1. The first is to enter the VEN and DEV references into one of the following sites and it will give you a description of the manufacturer and type of device it is.

    2. If this doesn't work or give you enough information then the second way is to go to a search engine such as Google or Bing and enter the entire Hardware ID and add DELL to the search. It will return several responses which will again describe the type of device belonging to that ID. You can also add the model of your system to narrow the search further.

  2. You then go back to the support site and look for the driver for that device.

  3. If you can't find the correct driver then contact Technical Support. and they will help you further.

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