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Service Provider Solutions

Summary: Dell EMC Service Provider Solutions enable the rapid and cost-effective operationalization of a modern cloud infrastructure.

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To help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) maximize the benefits of digital transformation, modernize their network and data center infrastructure, and their operations, Dell EMC delivers a core service provider infrastructure foundation designed to support any type of workload which can scale-up and scale-out. Dell EMC cloud infrastructure is designed to help CSPs increase revenue and maximize profitability through the rapid and cost-effective delivery of new services and acquisition of new customers.

Combined with leading software-defined data center software from partners such as VMware, Red Hat and others, which have been optimized, pre-validated, pre-integrated, and automated on Dell EMC cloud infrastructure, Dell EMC delivers to CSPs a portfolio of modern telecom solutions to enable digital transformation of telco cloud, next-generation access and analytics.


1. Cloud Infrastructure
SLN312487_en_US__2i_Service_Provider2_D_V1 Dell EMC provides service providers with an open, disaggregated set of solutions from core to edge, allowing them to remove proprietary infrastructure, decrease capex and automate operation as they deliver new services and applications to their customers. We help you continually evolve your business model and add revenue generating services, while facing stiff competition and price pressures.

2. Next-generation access
SLN312487_en_US__3i_Service_Provider3_D_V1  Dell EMC empowers Service Providers to confidently add new profitable SD-WAN managed services, and reduce their time-to-revenue for these new services.  Dell EMC provides Validated Choice, for SPs, to build SD-WAN for their customers, by offering product options for SD-WAN services, which are built upon the industry’s foremost hardware platforms, along with SD-WAN services and network virtualization from Dell EMC’s premier partners.  Moreover, faster time-to-revenue can be achieved, with rapid production, using Dell EMC’s validated solutions, complete with designs, tested reference architectures, and command lines 

3. OSS Transformation
SLN312487_en_US__4i_Service_Provider4_D_V1  OSS Transformation is about enabling service providers to make the most of data, both to improve network operations and service-delivery capabilities, and to offer innovative new services to customers. Dell EMC OSS Transformation Solutions enable service providers to accelerate their digital transformation by maximizing the real-time and historical value of data through advanced analytics 

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