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Touch Gestures for the ALPS Touch Pad

Summary: This article provides information about the features that are available on the ALPS TouchPad of your Dell laptop and how to use them.

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Refer to the table for a description of the features that may be available on your ALPS TouchPad and how to use them.

NOTE: Not all Dell laptops use the ALPS TouchPad, refer the Determining whether or not your computer has a ALPS TouchPad section for more information.

One-Finger Scrolling

You can scroll vertically and horizontally.

Click on the window or item you wish to scroll and slide your finger upwards or downwards along the right edge of the TouchPad to scroll vertically. Slide your finger to the left or right along the lower edge of the TouchPad to scroll horizontally.

If scrolling does not respond, ensure that the appropriate check box is selected and that the window or item on which you have clicked is scrollable. If you still have problems, check your Scrolling Region settings.


Two-Finger Scrolling

The Two-Finger scrolling gesture allows you to scroll vertically or horizontally and initiate scrolling from anywhere on the TouchPad surface. Simply place two fingers down on the TouchPad and then slide them in the desired direction. You do not need to be in the scrolling region to scroll.

To use Two-Finger Scrolling:

  1. Place two fingers down on the TouchPad surface. The fingers should be slightly separated.
  2. Using a straight continuous motion, slide both fingers in the desired direction.
  3. Lift both fingers up off the TouchPad surface to stop scrolling.

Pinch Zoom

The Pinch Zoom gesture delivers zooming functionality in many applications. You can use the Pinch Zoom gesture to perform the same functions that a scroll wheel performs on standard Windows applications that support CTRL+Scroll Wheel zoom functionality.

To enable this feature, select the Enable Pinch Zoom check box. To use a Pinch Zoom gesture:

  1. Place two fingers down to the TouchPad surface.
  2. Slide the fingers further apart to zoom in or slide the fingers closer together to zoom out. For the best zooming experience, use the tips of your fingers.


The Rotate feature allows the user to rotate photos and other items in 90-degree increments with one, smooth, circular motion. Support for both right and left-handed operation. To use a Rotate gesture:

  1. Place two separated fingers on the TouchPad. Retain one finger in a fixed position, and move the other finger in an arching motion while maintaining uniform finger separation.
  2. Left arching motion initiates left rotation. Right arching motion initiates right rotation. The gesture ends when both fingers are lifted from TouchPad.

My Favorites Application

The My Favorites Application provides a shortcut for launching a specified application.

To enable this feature, select the Enable My Favorites gesture check box. To customize the applications that launch, click the Configure button. To use this gesture:

  1. Place three fingers down on the TouchPad surface. Ensure that there is a small gap between the fingers.
  2. Hold your fingers still until the application begins to launch.
  3. Lift your fingers up off the TouchPad surface.


The Flick gesture enhances navigation for a variety of applications. You can use the Flick gesture for browsing the Internet or scrolling through photos in a photo viewer window. You can also use the Flick gesture to enter or exit slideshow mode.

To enable this feature, select the Enable Flick check box. To use the Flick gesture for navigation:

  1. Place three fingers down on the TouchPad surface. Ensure that there is a small gap between the fingers.
  2. Flick your fingers in a linear continuous motion in the desired direction, moving from one side of the TouchPad to the opposite side.
  3. Horizontal finger motion, sliding your fingers to the right or left pane moves the page forward or backward in a photo viewer or an Internet browser window.

To use the Flick gesture for slideshow mode:

  1. Slide your fingers upwards to launch slideshow mode.
  2. Slide your fingers downwards to exit slideshow mode.;

Scrolling Region

The diagram on the left represents the surface of the TouchPad. The cross-hatched area on the diagrams shows the scrolling regions on the TouchPad surface.

When you place your finger on the TouchPad, arrows appear along the edge of the TouchPad diagram to show you your finger’s position. If your finger is in an active scrolling region on the TouchPad, the corresponding scrolling area on the diagram will turn a solid color. You can make the scrolling regions larger or smaller by dragging one of the small black squares on the edge of the cross-hatched area.

If you have difficulty triggering scrolling, try making the scrolling region larger by moving the edges of the cross-hatched area inward. If you find that scrolling triggers too easily, try making the scrolling region smaller.

If the scrolling regions are gray and cannot be adjusted, ensure that the scrolling feature is enabled. To enable scrolling:

  1. Select Scrolling in the menu tree to the left.
  2. Select the desired method of scrolling, and enable vertical or horizontal scrolling.

Determining whether or not your computer has an ALPS TouchPad

To determine whether or not your computer has an ALPS TouchPad, perform the following steps.

  1. Browse to the DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS tab on your computer's Dell product support page and see if ALPS is listed under Mouse, Keyboard & Devices. When ALPS is not listed in the file name, Description: or Applies to section on the View full driver details page, your computer does not have an ALPS TouchPad.
    NOTE: For more information on how to navigate to your computer's Dell product support page and download drivers, refer to the Dell Knowledge Base article Drivers and Downloads FAQs.

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