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Article Number: 000135459

How to configure SNMP on Dell EMC Networking N series switch

Summary: How to configure SNMP on Dell EMC Networking N series switch

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This article discusses about the steps to configure SNMP on Dell N series switch.

Components of SNMP

SNMP Manager

SNMP Agent

Community String

SNMP Manager

  • SNMP Manager is typically a computer that is used to run one or more network management systems(NMS).
  • SNMP manager is responsible for communication between SNMP agent implemented Network Devices. (Switches, routers, servers etc.)

SNMP Agent

  • SNMP agent is a program that is packaged within the Network Elements (switches, routers, servers etc.).
  • Enabling the agent on the Network Element allows it to collect information from the device and makes it available to the SNMP manager when queried.

Community String

  • The SNMP Community String is like a user id or password that is sent along with each SNMP Request which allows or denies access to a Network Elements (Switches, routers, servers etc.).
  • If the community string is correct, the device responds with the requested information. If the community string is incorrect, the device simply ignores the request.

SNMP Agent and Manager


Commands to implement SNMP

Switch Commands Description
Console#Configure To enter into switch configuration mode
Console(Config)#snmp-server community "community string" ro/ rw Create the community string and specify
if management stations have read only (Get status configuration) or read/write (get and set configuration)
Console(Config)#snmp-server enable traps all Enables traps to be sent to management station upon being triggered
Console(Config)#snmp-server host xx.xx.xx.xx "community string" Configures the host and community string that traps are sent to upon triggered event


SLN317470_en_US__2icon When SNMP is enabled,the switch runs version V2c by default.


SNMP Configuration Example


console(config)#snmp-server community test ro

Sample Output

console(config)#show snmp

Community-String     Community-Access View Name        IP Address       IP Mask

-------------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------

test               Read Only        Default          All              All


Community-String     Group Name                     IP Address       IP Mask

-------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------- ----------------

test               DefaultRead                    All              All

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Affected Product

PowerSwitch N1100-ON Series, PowerSwitch N1500 Series, PowerSwitch N2000 Series, PowerSwitch N2100 Series, PowerSwitch N3000 Series, Dell EMC PowerSwitch N3000E-ON Series, PowerSwitch N4000 Series

Last Published Date

21 Feb 2021



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