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How to Configure Windows Hello in Windows 10 for Biometric Scanners

Summary: Learn how to configure Windows Hello on a Dell PC with a fingerprint reader

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This article describes the configuration of Windows Hello for biometric login in Windows 10

Driver Installation for Fingerprint Reader in Windows 10

Dell systems that shipped with a fingerprint reader as part of their build may require a firmware/driver update in order to utilize the biometric device in Windows 10.

Systems running Windows 10 are not limited to using the Dell Data Protection- Security Tools in order to utilize the biometric device. The User may choose to use the native Microsoft software solution known as "Windows Hello" to access the Fingerprint device.

SLN303175_en_US__1icon NOTE: Dell Data Protection Security Tools and Windows Hello cannot be configured for Biometrics simultaneously. Only one or the other may be configured. If fingerprints are enrolled in Dell Data Protection Security Tools and Windows Hello, Biometrics login will fail. Once fingerprints are removed from Dell Data Protection Security Tools or Windows Hello, login should work normally.
SLN303175_en_US__1icon NOTE: To configure and enroll fingerprints, the system must have access to the TPM.  Enabling and configuring the TPM is covered in system-specific documentation. To configure Windows Hello, the system must meet hardware and software requirements. Windows Hello supported systems can be found here.

SLN303175_en_US__3FP Reader in Win10 - 1
Example of successful fingerprint reader setup

How to Setup Windows 10 Fingerprint reader

  1. Locate drivers for the applicable system type from the Dell Drivers & downloads
    SLN303175_en_US__1icon Note: Ensure the driver matches the system it will be applied to. Drivers are created to work with specific hardware interfaces. Installing the incorrect driver may cause issues for the user.
    SLN303175_en_US__1icon Note: Driver and firmware for the fingerprint reader set up will be located under the Security drop down on the website. Download both the driver and the firmware.

    SLN303175_en_US__6FP Reader in Win10 - 2

  • Locate the downloaded drivers and select Install for the ControlVault driver.
    SLN303175_en_US__7FP Reader in Win10 - 3

  • Select Next.
    SLN303175_en_US__8FP Reader in Win10 - 4

  • A window will populate with options to Modify, Repair, or Remove. Select the option to Remove the software from the system. Select Next.
    SLN303175_en_US__9FP Reader in Win10 - 5

  • In selecting the Remove option, the system will prompt with a screen that ensures the driver will need to be removed. Select Remove.
    SLN303175_en_US__10FP Reader in Win10 - 6

  • Once the wizard has removed the driver, a screen will populate to verify it is no longer installed. Select Finish.
    SLN303175_en_US__11FP Reader in Win10 - 7

  • Close the window that shows the installer succesfully preformed the removal of the driver.
    SLN303175_en_US__12FP Reader in Win10 - 8

  • Locate the downloaded driver again. Double click to launch the installer. The window will prompt for language selection.
    SLN303175_en_US__13FP Reader in Win10 - 9

  • The system will prompt to install the components of the ControlVault Host Components Installer. Select Next.
    SLN303175_en_US__14FP Reader in Win10 - 10

  • The system will then prompt for the type of installation needed. Select Complete.
    SLN303175_en_US__15FP Reader in Win10 - 11

  • Select Install.
    SLN303175_en_US__16FP Reader in Win10 - 12

  • The installer will then begin to install the package. This may take several moments.
    SLN303175_en_US__17FP Reader in Win10 - 13

  • Upon completion, a window will be displayed stating the installation was a success. Select Finish.
    SLN303175_en_US__18FP Reader in Win10 - 14

  • Close the Update Package window.
    SLN303175_en_US__19FP Reader in Win10 - 15

  • Select the ControlVault Firmware installed from the Dell website. Double click the firmware. An installer window will appear informing of the version of the firmware to be installed on the system. Select Continue.
    SLN303175_en_US__20FP Reader in Win10 - 16

  • A location will be selected to unzip the files for the firmware. Select OK.
    SLN303175_en_US__21FP Reader in Win10 - 17

  • If there is not already a folder for the firmware, the system will prompt for one to be created. Select Yes.
    SLN303175_en_US__22FP Reader in Win10 - 18

  • Successful completion will prompt a notification. Select Ok.
    SLN303175_en_US__23FP Reader in Win10 - 19

  • The system will open the folder where the files were successfully moved to. Select the folder labled "firmware" to open its contents.
    SLN303175_en_US__24FP Reader in Win10 - 20

  • Navigate through the contents until the item "ushupgrade" is displayed with the Broadcom logo. Double click the file.
    SLN303175_en_US__25FP Reader in Win10 - 21

  • A window will appear with information on the Firmware update. Once this process is started, do not interrupt the installation. Select Start.
    SLN303175_en_US__26FP Reader in Win10 - 22

  • The ControlVault firmware will undergo the installation process. This may take several minutes to complete.
    SLN303175_en_US__27FP Reader in Win10 - 23

  • Upon completion, the window will show the option for restart. Restart the system.
    SLN303175_en_US__28FP Reader in Win10 - 24

  • When the system reboots, log in to Windows. Navigate to Settings, Sign-in Options.
    SLN303175_en_US__29FP Reader in Win10 - 25

  • In order for Windows Hello to acknowledge the fingerprint reader, a PIN must be set up. Select set up PIN. Windows will then ask for password verification.
    SLN303175_en_US__30FP Reader in Win10 - 26

  • Once the password is verfied, create a PIN number for the system. It will have to be entered twice. Select OK to complete PIN enrollment.
    SLN303175_en_US__31FP Reader in Win10 - 27

  • The PIN should now show as established.
    SLN303175_en_US__32FP Reader in Win10 - 28

  • Select the Set Up option under Windows Hello to enroll a fingerprint on the system.
    SLN303175_en_US__33FP Reader in Win10 - 29

  • The Welcome to Windows Hello screen will appear. Select Get Started.
    SLN303175_en_US__34FP Reader in Win10 - 30

  • The system will prompt for the PIN to be entered.
    SLN303175_en_US__35FP Reader in Win10 - 31

  • Begin to scan the desired finger to establish a valid fingerprint for the system. This will take several swipes.
    SLN303175_en_US__36FP Reader in Win10 - 32
    SLN303175_en_US__37FP Reader in Win10 - 33

  • After the system has the needed data for fingerprint enrollment, a window will appear prompting for another finger to be scanned. Repeat the process for a second finger.
    SLN303175_en_US__38FP Reader in Win10 - 34

  • The Settings screen should now have the option to sign in with the fingerprint reader.
    SLN303175_en_US__39FP Reader in Win10 - 35

  • When the system is rebooted or locked, options for sign-in are located underneath the option for the password. Select Sign-in Options.
    SLN303175_en_US__40FP Reader in Win10 - 36

  • Select the icon for the fingerprint reader.
    SLN303175_en_US__41FP Reader in Win10 - 37

  • Utlize the fingerprint reader for Sign-in.
    SLN303175_en_US__42FP Reader in Win10 - 38

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