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FluidFS Customer Notification: Controller fails to boot due to a drained clock battery

Summary: This article explains a situation where after a power outage the possibility exists for the clock to revert to zero-time-value and the next controller boot fails

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Following a power outage or reboot, if the ToD (time of day) clock battery is drained, the clock reverts to zero-time-value and the next controller boot fails the FSCK phase.

This issue does not occur on the following applicable versions:

FS Series Platform


Compellent FS8600

6.0.110054 and Higher

Equallogic FS7600 and FS7610


The FSCK phase now runs despite the abnormal clock value.

If a controller is identified as not completing its boot process, review its status via local console connection.

Connect a KVM or connect a VGA monitor and USB keyboard to see the status of the console.

After post is completed, during the boot up sequence, you may see similar errors:



Checking filesystems

Superblock last mount time ( <time>,

Now = <time> ) is in the future.


Give root password for maintenance

(or type Control-D to continue):




If the above errors are seen, as a temporary workaround is to reseat the controller (or Control-D from this prompt) and enter the BIOS setup when prompted during post and set the time manually to be the correct time.
If the BIOS displays only a black screen and inaccessible, please contact Dell Technical support and reference internal article SLN304688.





Once the time is set to the correct time, the controller will successfully boot. This change will not persist if the controller is rebooted again with a faulty coin cell battery.
Further remediation can be taken by Dell Technical Support to assist in replacing the faulty coin cell battery and upgrading the FluidFS firmware.

Please reference this article and internal article SLN304688

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Affected Product

Dell Compellent FS8600, EqualLogic FS7600, EqualLogic FS7610

Last Published Date

21 Feb 2021



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