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A guide to the optional Dell Stylus available for use with Dell Latitude Tablets

Summary: The following article is a guide to the Dell Stylus, which is available to use with Latitude Tablets.

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Dell Stylus
  2. Visual Guide
  3. Getting the Stylus ready for use
  4. Using the optional Stylus with a Tablet


The Dell Stylus


A stylus is a writing implement that works by either touch or pressure, rather than with ink. A stylus for a tablet usually looks a bit like a pen and can be used to select options, write, or draw on a touch screen.

This is a guide to the optional Dell Stylus that is available for use with Dell Latitude Tablets. It covers a visual guide, getting the stylus ready for use and using the stylus with a tablet.

Note: The stylus is sold separately and is not shipped with the tablet.

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Visual Guide


Latitude Stylus - legend callouts


Stylus Features

1 Pen lead - Provides the finger touch functionality 2 Pen button - Used to perform a left-click and right-click
3 Middle barrel - Provides access to the battery compartment 4 Pen clip/Pen rear cap - Allows you to secure the stylus in your pocket

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Getting the Stylus ready for use


  1. Twist the middle barrel in a counter-clockwise direction.

    Twist the stylus in the middle

  2. Insert a AAAA battery with the positive side facing the tip of the pen.

    Insert the AAA battery

  3. Reassembly the barrel securely.

    Re-assembly the Stylus

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Using the optional Stylus with a Tablet


The Stylus is ergonomically designed to work with your tablet for long periods of time. The user can switch between pen and finger entry without any manual mode switching. The stylus supports features such as palm rejection, hovering, and pressure sensing, which allow for accuracy and ease of use - with no calibration needed.

The two buttons are software-configurable for using features such as erasing, highlighting, or performing mouse clicks. You can use the tip of the stylus to draw shapes, select text, turn a page, and write, or sign the documents on your tablet.

You can use the native Pen and Touch application in the Windows Control Panel:

Control Panel > Devices > Pen

Pen and Touch panel

Or you can use the N-Trig DuoSense application depending on your computer type:

NTrig DuoSense Application

You can also press the button on the side of the stylus to perform the left-click and right-click functions on your tablet.

Press the Stylus Button

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Tablets, Latitude 10e ST2E, Latitude 10, Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet, Latitude 7350 2-in-1, Latitude 7202 Rugged Tablet

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15 Sep 2022



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