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Article Number: 000168596

Avamar Proxy Deployment fails on Avamar at 50% progress with message "Waiting for Networking. Networking timeout". Duplicate IP address being used for Avamar Proxy deployment

Summary: This Kb walks you through an issue while deploying external proxies on customer vcenters where the proxy deployment manager times out with 50% progress and the last stage on the proxy is "Waiting for networking". This issue can happen on Avamar Server and IDPA integrated Avamar. ...

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The deploymanager.log under (/usr/local/avamar/var/log/vcs/deploymanager.log) on Avamar server shows the following error message :

2019-05-20T13:36:40.581-0500 DEBUG [pool-8-thread-3][       util.ProxyNetworkWaiter#waitForNetworking]: Waiting for proxy networking...
2019-05-20T13:36:45.602-0500 DEBUG [pool-8-thread-3][       util.ProxyNetworkWaiter#waitForNetworking]: IP address determined: xxxx::xxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx
2019-05-20T13:36:45.603-0500 WARN  [pool-8-thread-3][       util.ProxyNetworkWaiter#waitForNetworking]: Proxy CIM service is not reachable
2019-05-20T13:37:00.581-0500 ERROR [pool-8-thread-3][       util.ProxyNetworkWaiter#waitForNetworking]: Unable to establish connection to proxy.
2019-05-20T13:37:00.581-0500 WARN  [pool-8-thread-3][           worker.DeployWorker#              run]: Network timeout
2019-05-20T13:37:00.605-0500 INFO  [pool-8-thread-3][             worker.TaskWorker#    sendTaskError]: Sending fault com.emc.avamar.vmware.vcs.deploymanager.network_timeout_fault
2019-05-20T13:37:00.615-0500 INFO  [pool-8-thread-3][           worker.DeployWorker#              run]: Deploy of proxy usguss00185 to host was not successful. Cleaning up deploy artifacts...

If proxy is deployed manually to test and we run vami_config_net script to manually assign the IP, the following error is seen:

Eth0 device-ready 
Eth0 device-not-running 
ERROR Network failed to restart using new parameters for eth0 (Errno 2: ) 
ERROR attempting to restore network values for eth0 to previous settings 
Eth0 device-not-running 
This issue can occur if a Duplicate IP address is being used for the new Avamar Proxy causing the issue. Avamar Proxy runs SUSE OS and by design it will shutdown the ethernet interface if it detects a Duplicate IP address. 
In order to confirm a duplicate IP address is assigned, perform the following steps :

1: Confirm that port 5489 is open from Avamar Utility node to the new proxy on the firewall.
Note: The Forward and reverse lookup entries should be created for the proxy in the DNS servers to avoid proxy deployment failure due to hostname not assigned. 

2: Perform a ping test to the Avamar Proxy IP to confirm if you get a reply on the same. (It maybe better to perform the test on a machine running on the same network/subnet as the proxy server)

ping <Avamar_Proxy_IP>

If you get a response back, this confirms that this is a duplicate IP address. 
A few additional tests can be done using arping command :

arping -D <Avamar_Proxy_IP> -c 3 
echo $?

If we get a echo reply as 0, this will confirm the IP address is duplicate. 

3: Use a different static unused IP address for this proxy and test the deployment to confirm the issue is resolved.

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Avamar, Avamar Client, Avamar Client for VMware, Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family, Integrated Data Protection Appliance Software

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20 Nov 2020



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