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Dell Command | Configure

Summary: Dell Command Configure is a packaged software application that provides configuration capability to business client platforms.

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Important Notes

NOTE: Dell Command | Configure 4.0 or later requires platforms supporting WMI-ACPI BIOS. The complete functionalities of Dell Command | Configure is available for the supported platforms, refer the Supported Platforms for more information.
NOTE: Ensure SMM Security Mitigation BIOS Feature is Disabled on applicable platforms running Linux operating systems. Dell Command | Configure on Linux operating systems will not work as intended if SMM Security Mitigation BIOS feature is Enabled.
NOTE: Dell Command | Configure 4.1 or later Supported Features Nomenclature (Names along with its Configuration Possible Value Names) have been refreshed across CLI and GUI. Dell Command | Configure even though is Backward Compatible for the Older Nomenclature, it is highly advisable to migrate/create Scripts to start using these Newer Features Nomenclature.
View the complete list of the Newer and the Older Nomenclature at Knowledge Base
NOTE: Error codes have been changed with Dell Command | Configure 4.1. Please refer updated codes in Downloads section.
For the limited functionalities on non WMI-ACPI complaint platforms, see Windows SMM Security Mitigations Table Compliance section in Dell Command | Configure User's guide.
NOTE: Dell Command | Configure 4.2.0 or later user might see an error message as "Importing ini file is failing for some features. For more information, check the log." during SCE execution or INI import. This happens when a feature is dependent on other features or needs different environment during configuration. For example - Enabling LegacyOrom when SecureBoot is enabled. To disable SoftGuardEn needs OSMM mode.

Dell Command | Configure

Dell Command | Configure is a packaged software application that provides configuration capability to business client platforms.

This product consists of a Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) to configure various BIOS features. Dell Command | Configure supports following Windows and Linux operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Ubuntu Desktop18.04, Ubuntu Server 18.04, Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 and Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.

The latest version of Dell Command | Configure is v4.10.1.


Dell Command | Configure 4.10.1 (Released - 03/2023)

What's New

  • Fixed the issue of OMIL32.dll hijacking.
  • Fixed the issue where Dell Command | Configure is unable to set  FactoryDefaults  value for  SaveConfig  option.
  • Fixed the issue where Dell Command | Configure is unable to restore BuiltInSafe BIOS settings.
NOTE: There are certain features in Pre Enabled category for which the help texts may not be available. However, you can perform get and set operations.

NOTE: For more information about the newly supported BIOS features, see this documentation .

Previous Releases

Dell Command | Configure 4.10.0 (Released - 01/2023)

Dell Command | Configure 4.9.0 (Released - 11/2022)

Dell Command | Configure 4.8.0 (Released - 07/2022)

Dell Command | Configure 4.7.0 (Released - 04/2022)

Dell Command | Configure 4.6.0 (Released - 09/2021)

Dell Command | Configure 4.5.0 (Released - 05/2021)

Whitepapers/Technical Documents:


Activating the TPM with Dell Command | Configure

Duration: 01:48
Closed captions: English only

Setting the BIOS defaults using Dell Command | Configure

Duration: 02:00
Closed captions: English only




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Dell Command | Configure

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25 Apr 2023



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