How to Physically Secure Your Dell Computer or Monitor

Summary: You can secure you Dell desktop, laptop, docking stations or monitors with a cable, using the security slot.

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What Is a Kensington or Noble Security Slot?

Dell devices such as desktops, laptops, docking stations and monitors are equipped with a security slot to secure your property by means of a cable.

The location varies by product, but here is a brief description of where the slot can be found:

Device Location
Laptop Left or right side of the chassis
Docking Station Right side of the chassis, next to the Undock button
Monitor Rear of the monitor, normally on the right side as you face the monitor

What Is a Padlock Ring?

Dell desktop computers are equipped with a padlock ring on the rear of the chassis to prevent unauthorized entry to the inside of the case. Newer Dell desktop computer are equipped with Security Slots as well. An example of these features can be found in the Dell OptiPlex 9010 Setup and Features Information manual located on the OptiPlex 9010 Online Manual Page.

Additional Resources

  1. To determine what security slot is present on your Dell device, refer to Dell Knowledge Base article Manuals and Documentation for your Dell Product, look for a Quick Start Guide or Service Manual.
  2. Purchase a security cable.
  3. Wikipedia article on the Kensington Security Slot.
  4. Noble Locks Website.

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