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Flickering Alienware Monitors

Summary: This article provides information about how to resolve flickering issue on Alienware monitors.

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Alienware monitors may flicker when connected either to an Alienware computer, Mac Book Pro, and Mac Mini. Issue might persist after factory reset and swapping of cable and ports. The built-in self-test passes.


No cause information is available.


  1. Increase the refresh rate on your Alienware computer.
  2. If the monitor is connected to an Apple device, increase the refresh rate.
  3. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, see the Dell knowledge base article Troubleshooting Flickering Video on Dell Gaming Monitors for additional troubleshooting steps.
  • Alienware monitors with G-Sync may not work when USB-C to DP or HDMI adapter or docking station is connected. Do not use USB-C to DP or HDMI adapter or a docking station. Connect the DP or HDMI cable directly from the computer to the monitor.
  • USB-C adapter solution is available in second half of 2021 or later.

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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2518H, Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2518Hf, Alienware 34 Monitor AW3418DW, Alienware 34 Monitor AW3418HW, Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2521H, Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2521HF, Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2521HFA , Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2521HFL, Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2521HFLA, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2720HF, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2720HFA, Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2721D, Alienware AW3420DW, Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3821DW, Alienware 55 OLED Monitor AW5520QF ...
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31 Jan 2024



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