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Supported Update Paths

Summary: Supported Update Paths for PS or FS Series Arrays

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Supported Update Paths

When updating array firmware, you must follow the supported update path, as shown below. The first column lists starting firmware versions, and the second column lists the versions to which they can be updated.

NOTE: Dell Storage Update Manager can be used when updating firmware from the following versions:
  • PS Series Storage Arrays version 5.0 and later
  • FS Series Storage Appliances version 3.0 and later

The notation used in the table indicates all releases of a given firmware revision. For example, 7.0.x indicates versions 7.0.1, 7.0.2, and so forth, and all version 7.0 patch releases.


Starting Versions  

Supported Update Versions

    1. 9.1.x 
    • Later than 9.1.x releases
      1. 9.0.x 
      • Later than 9.0.x releases
      • 9.1.x releases
        1. 8.1.x 
        • Later than 8.1.x releases
        • 9.0.x releases
          1. 8.0.x 
          • Later than 8.0.x releases
          • 9.0.x releases
          • 8.1.x releases
            1. 7.1.x 
            • Later than 7.1.x releases
            • 8.0.x releases
            • 8.1.x releases (if not using FS Series appliances)
              1. 7.0.x 
              • 7.0.9 or later releases
              • 7.1.x releases
              • 8.0.x releases
              • 8.1.x releases (if not using FS Series appliances)
                1. 6.0.x 
                • 6.0.5 or later releases
                • 7.0.9 or later releases
                • 7.1.x releases
                  1. 5.2.x 
                  • 5.2.9 or later releases
                  • 6.0.5 or later releases
                    1. 5.1.x 
                    • Later 5.1.x releases
                    • 5.2.9 or later releases
                      1. 5.0.2 and later 5.0.x 
                      • Later than 5.0.x releases
                      • 5.1.x
                      • 5.2.9 or later releases
                        1. 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 
                        • 5.0.2

                        General Rules 

                        Unless otherwise indicated, the following rules apply when updating array firmware:

                        • You can download the update kit to multiple members simultaneously, but you can restart only one member at a time. For this reason, Dell discourages updates from multiple simultaneous UI or CLI sessions.
                        • You can update firmware to a later release within its own version. For example, you can update version 7.0.2 to any subsequent version 7.0.x release.
                        • You can update firmware to the next version. For example, you can update any version 7.1.x release to a version 8.0.x release.
                        • If you are running older firmware versions, or updating across multiple releases, you may have to update to one or more interim versions before updating to the latest firmware. For example, to update a group from version 5.2.10 to version 7.0.10, you must first update to version 6.0.6, then to version 7.0.10.

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                        FS Series, EqualLogic (PS Series)

                        Last Published Date

                        17 Feb 2023



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