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PS Series Firmware v8.0.6

Summary: Dell EqualLogic PS Series Firmware v8.0.6

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By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.

  • Two separate kits are available within the v8.0.x Firmware .zip file, 32-bit and 64-bit. After you download the .zip file, when you install the update, the wizard asks you to select the kit to install.
    • Select the 32-bit kit for array models: PS4000, PS-M4110, PS6000, PS6010, PS6500, or PS6510
    • Select the 64-bit kit for array models: PS4100, PS4110, PS4210, PS6100, PS6110, PS6210, or PS6610

See the PS Series release notes for additional information.

Date Released October 2015
Associated Documentation
Supported PS Platforms

The following PS Array series are supported:

  • PS4000, PS4100, PS4110, PS-M4110
  • PS4210
  • PS6000, PS6010, PS6100, PS6110
  • PS6500, PS6510
  • PS6210
  • PS6610 (New platform in v8.0.x)
  • Arrays model numbers PS50E to PS2400E (including the common PS100E to PS400E models and PS3_00X and PS3_00XV models) have reached end-of-service-life. Firmware version 8.0 does not load on these arrays (controller types 1, 2 and 3).
  • Also Array model numbers PS5000 (including PS5000E, PS5000X, and PS500XV) and PS5500 have reached end-of-service-life. Firmware version 8.0 does not load on these arrays (controller types 4, 5 and 6).

See the release notes for more specific guidance on identifying supported platforms.

Supported FS Series Platforms

FS7500, FS7600, FS7610

Supported Versions of EqualLogic Software Tools

The Dell EqualLogic Compatibility Table provides a quick reference of product version compatibility for the last several major firmware releases.

Note: You must upgrade to Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRA SRM) v2.2.1 or later in order to interoperate with EqualLogic Firmware v8.0.x. Previous versions are not compatible with Firmware v8.0.x.

Supported FS Series versions


New Features in This Release

PS Series v8.0 Firmware contains the following features and more:

  • Support for PS6610 series of arrays, which includes models PS6610E, PS6610X, and PS6610ES
  • RAID Rebuild Delay - This feature enables delaying the rebuilding of an SSD RAID set by 24 hours to allow a new SSD to be inserted.
  • Compression of Snapshots and Replicas - The compression of snapshot pages increases the free space available to users and allows them to decrease the snapshot reserve that is configured on volumes.
  • Replication Borrowing - Replication borrowing enables you to temporarily increase the available replica space for a volume by borrowing space from other sources.
  • Delegated Space in Multiple Pools - This feature enables administrators to assign delegated space for a single partner in multiple pools and use up to the entire storage space within the group.
  • Network Interface Configuration for Fault Recovery - Stores a small amount of network configuration information outside of the database. If you experience database corruption or a multiple drive failure, the firmware accesses the extra copy of stored network configuration information and enables the configuration of a network interface on your array.
  • iSCSI Connections During Failover - This feature minimizes the possibility of service disruption during an upgrade or when a controller failover occurs.
  • Smart Tags - This feature helps you identify, organize, and locate your volumes, facilities that can be especially helpful in a group with many volumes.
  • Virtual Volumes - Virtual Volumes (vVols) is a feature of VMware. This feature implements some of the concepts and controls that the VMware storage virtualization layer provides to create a more complete solution for virtual machines (VM). This feature requires VSM v4.5 and VMware vSphere 6.
  • Change in Language Packs - Starting with PS Series firmware v8.0, the Group Manager UI defaults to the same language as your browser and operating system.
  • Admin Account Password Can Be Up To 64 ASCII Characters - As of this release, admin account passwords can be up to 64 ASCII characters long.

Virtual Volumes (vVols) for this release - If you are planning on enabling vVols with this release, this feature is only supported in up to a three (3) member group. This feature requires PS Series Firmware v8.0.4 or later, VSM v4.5, and VMware vSphere 6.

Translated documentation will be available at a future date.


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EqualLogic (PS Series), EqualLogic PS M4110

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17 Feb 2023



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