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Connectrix Cisco MDS: How to collect switch show tech-support details through DCNM

Summary: This KB provides steps to collect switch #show tech-support through DCNM.

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Rather than collecting the tech-support files from individual switches, we can collect them for an entire fabric in one single step through DCNM. 

After logging into the tool, perform these steps.
1.     Select the fabric of your interest.
2.     Go to Tools > Run CLI Commands.
3.     Select the switches of your interest.
4.     Provide the folder name.
5.     Select to compress.
6.     Change the filename from to something more descriptive.
If these are #show tech-support details from fabric A name it: Fabric_A_ techsupport_details_<date>.zip.
If it is #show tech-support slowdrain for fabric A name it: Fabric_A_ techsupport_slowdrain_<date>.zip.
The more descriptive the filename is, the quicker the support will be able to understand and process the file.
7.     In the Command(s) pane, insert show tech-support details, show tech-support slowdrain, and so on. 
8.     Click Run and wait till you see a success message in green color.

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Connectrix MDS-9132T

Connectrix MDS-9134, Connectrix MDS-9148, Connectrix MDS-9148S, Connectrix MDS-9148T, Connectrix MDS-9396S, Connectrix MDS-9396T, Connectrix MDS-9506, Connectrix MDS-9509, Connectrix MDS-9513, Connectrix MDS-9706, Connectrix MDS-9706-V2 , Connectrix MDS-9710, Connectrix MDS-9710-V2, Connectrix MDS-9718, Connectrix MDS-9718-V3 ...
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26 Oct 2023



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How To