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Dell PowerStore Configuring Volumes

Add a host


Obtain the following information:

  • A hostname that you can use as a lookup later.
  • Type of host operating system.
  • iSCSI initiator IQNs, FC initiator WWNs, and NVMe initiator nonqualified names (NQNs) for the initiators that you want the host to use for accessing storage.

About this task

Before you can map a host to access storage on your cluster, you must define a configuration for it in PowerStore Manager.


  1. Under Compute, select Hosts & Host Groups.
  2. Click Add Host.
  3. On the Host Details page, enter a name for the host and select the operating system.
  4. On the Initiator Type page, select Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, NVMe, or NVMe vVol.
    NOTE:You can use FC and iSCSI initiators with traditional datastores and vVols. You can use NVMe initiators only if you are working with traditional datastores. If you are working with vVols, you must select NVMe vVol as the initiator type.
    Review the prerequisites for the host connections.
  5. On the Host Initiators page, select an initiator from the autodiscovered initiators list.
  6. If the host operating system is ESXi, select the type of host connectivity on the Host Connectivity page.
    If you selected Metro Connectivity, select the Metro connectivity option for the ESXi host.
    NOTE:Metro connectivity is only available for ESXi hosts.
  7. On the Summary page, review the host connection details, and click Add Host.

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