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Storage Center OS Version 7 Command Utility Reference Guide


server delete


Deletes a server from the Storage Center, along with the associated HBAs and volume mappings. The scope of deletion and protection depend on server type, as follows:
  • If the requested server is a virtual server, then only that virtual server is deleted.
  • If the requested server is a physical server, then that physical server and all virtual servers whose parent is that physical server are deleted.
  • If the requested server is a server cluster, and if any physical server identifies that cluster as a parent, then deletion is rejected. The –force option overrides this check and deletes the entire cluster and its constituent physical and virtual servers.
The command is rejected if:
  • Both server name and index are omitted. The command must identify the requested server either by –name or by –index.
  • Requested server is not found on the Storage Center.
  • Requested server is a cluster that still contains one or more physical servers and the –force option is omitted.


server delete {–name
                                  string | –index 
                                 string} {options}



Specifies an optional flag to override the normal delete protection for a server cluster. If this flag is present, the cluster and every server (physical and virtual) in the cluster will be deleted. If the flag is omitted, a cluster will not be deleted if it contains a physical server.


Shows help for command options.


Specifies the server index.


Specifies the server name. Names that contain spaces must be enclosed in single quotes.


Delete a server and all mappings:

server delete -name 'server 1'

Force deletion of a cluster and all servers in the cluster:

server delete -name servercluster -force

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