Catch the AI Wave with Powerful Super Computing Solutions

Dell accelerates AI-driven outcomes.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve and grows in capability, it’s becoming a growing presence in every aspect of our lives. One needs to look no further than voice assistants, navigation or rideshare apps.

From machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms that automate manufacturing, natural language processing, video analytics and more, to the use of digital twins that virtually simulate, predict and inform decisions based on real-world conditions, AI helps solve critical modern-life challenges to benefit humanity. In fact, we have digital twin technology to thank for assisting in the bioengineering of vaccines to fight COVID-19.

AI is changing not only what we do but also how we do it — faster and more efficiently.

Advancing Human Progress

Dell Technologies is committed to helping advance human progress, and AI will play a big part in developing solutions to the pressing issues of the 21st century. The 2020s, in particular, are ushering in a fully data-‑driven period in which AI will assist organizations and industries of all sizes to accelerate intelligent outcomes.

Dell’s vision is about empowering customers to harness their AI endeavors through high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure solutions that reduce risk, improve processing speed and deliver deeper insights. By extracting value through AI from the massive amounts of data generated across the entire IT landscape — from the core to the cloud — our customers can better tackle challenges and make discoveries to advance large-scale, global progress.

Continuing to Innovate

Through transformative innovation, customers can derive the insights needed to change the course of discovery. For example, at Cambridge University, Ohio State University and ENI HPC5, our GPU accelerators drive peak performance for data-intensive clinical research and COVID-19 analytics. Financial services, life sciences and oil and gas exploration are just a few of the other computation-intensive applications where enhanced servers will make a difference in achieving meaningful results, for humankind and the planet.

At the heart of AI technology, are essential building blocks and solutions that power these activities. The existing line of Dell PowerEdge servers has already contributed to transformational, life‑changing projects. And to further power human progress in this generation and the next, we are proud to announce our next-gen PowerEdge portfolio for AI.

Graphic showing various fields that Dell PowerEdge XE models can benefit, such as Financial Services, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas exploration.

Specifically built to deliver even higher performance and more powerful supercomputing results, these three new PowerEdge servers are well suited for the most demanding AI projects. The innovative PowerEdge XE9680, XE9640 and XE8640 servers each offer distinct advantages, yet are all engineered for the coming era to support the real-time processing requirements and challenges of AI applications with ease.

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 is architected to handle heavy ML/DL training workloads, such as neural networks, natural language processing, digital twins modeling and recommendation engines on large datasets. Delivering the latest generation 8x NVIDIA® H100 or A100 SXM GPU accelerators, the XE9680 enables customers to harness the power of this technology to drive more transformative business and global outcomes. It is designed to operate in environments up to 35°C and is paired with two 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Dell PowerEdge XE9640 runs direct liquid-cooled CPUs and GPUs for maximum performance and power utilization efficiency in a density-‑optimized server to support both HPC and AI workloads in scale deployments. It is powered by two 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and four Intel Data Center Max GPU accelerators.

Dell PowerEdge XE8640 is a purpose-built server focused on ML/DL training or HPC workloads, with an optimized, air-cooled design up to 35°C. It leverages two 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and four NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core SXM GPUs and NVLink to support data-‑intensive computations like AI simulation and modeling.

In addition to helping deploy more secure and better-managed infrastructure for complex AI operations, at modeling speeds up to ten times faster than before, these transformative servers will help meet our customers’ biggest concerns, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, cutting costs and conserving energy.

Transforming Business and Life Itself

While organizations are in different stages with respect to their adoption of AI, the transformational impact on business and life itself can no longer be ignored. Human progress will depend on the ability of AI to make communication easier, personalize content delivery, advance medical research/diagnosis/treatments, track potential pandemics, revolutionize education and implement digital manufacturing.

Regardless of where you are on your AI journey, the key to optimizing outcomes is having the right infrastructure in place, ready to seamlessly scale as your business grows and positioned to take on the unexpected, unknown challenges of the future.

Moving Forward

With servers and HPC at the heart of AI, modern infrastructure needs to match the unique requirements of increasingly complex and widely distributed workloads. Dell Technologies is keeping pace with ever-expanding AI developments, in partnership with NVIDIA and Intel, to accelerate time to results.

Our specialized AI Consulting Services team is available with the expertise to help you at any stage, from planning through implementation, to make smart server decisions that will unlock your company’s data capital and support AI efforts to move human progress forward.

To Learn More

Come join us at SC22, The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, Booth #2443. For more information on our new PowerEdge models, please visit the Dell PowerEdge XE product page.

About the Author: Rajesh Pohani

Rajesh Pohani is Vice President of Portfolio and Product Management for Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge, HPC and Core Compute business. He and his team are responsible for Dell’s server and high-performance computing portfolios.