Cloud as an Enabler of IT Transformation and Innovation

During the Executive Summit panel session at our recent Dell World conference last November, two of Dell Services Federal Government’s customers (a civilian regulatory commission and a defense agency) highlighted how they are moving away from legacy architectures and migrating to cloud-based platforms and updated business models that will position their agencies for future success.

Clouds and the text: Transform your IT infrastructure

Each agency is in different stages of their cloud adoption journey. One has migrated to a private cloud model and is already seeing cost savings from consolidating and standardizing IT infrastructures, data centers and desktops. The other is adopting private and public cloud options as well as mobility, big data and security enhancements with emerging technologies and services.

In spite of the disruptive nature of this transformation, they are thriving and making great progress in transitioning their agencies to be more responsive and improve the way they achieve their mission, serve citizens and deliver services across their organizations.

Choice . . . the heart of Dell’s cloud strategy

With our government customers, choice is a key factor in providing the right fit as many agencies require flexible combinations of cloud delivery models with both on-premise and hosted alternatives to meet diverse agency objectives and specialized federal government security and compliance requirements.

Dell Services Federal Government offers the widest choice of cloud resources across the leading platforms and providers, enabling government agencies to choose the most appropriate cloud solution for their specific agency need or mission.

Our strategy is focused on three areas:

Dell Services Federal Government cloud strategy diagram

So whether an agency wants to build their own cloud environment to migrate sensitive data to a federally secure and compliant cloud (Dell Enterprise Private Clouds), leapfrog to innovative cloud technology without upfront hardware or software costs (Dell Managed Clouds) or need to deliver cloud services through brokerage FedRAMP public clouds (Dell Cloud Brokerage), Dell Services Federal Government can provide the right fit to meet future agency mission needs in a multi-cloud world.

And let’s not forget that adopting a cloud strategy can be a cost-effective means to support missions. For government, it is more than just about saving operating costs, it’s about effective governing. Especially as budget pressures persist, if government agencies find more effective and efficient ways of accomplishing missions and lowering costs, then it’s win-win!

Throughout this blog series, we will walk you through these three cloud categories, the value they can offer to your agency, popular usage of these delivery models and Dell’s unique approach to simplifying cloud by delivering end-to-end solutions that blend freedom of choice with the power to do more.

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