Dell Digital Transforms and Protects the Developer Experience

IT organizations are turning to Dell PowerProtect data protection to deliver a secure, frictionless Kubernetes multicloud experience.

Dell Digital, the internal IT organization of Dell Technologies, wanted to create a resilient, high-performance, cost-effective environment that would help Dell developers boost efficiency and productivity. They selected VMware Tanzu Kubernetes and Dell data protection solutions to reimagine how they could meet future needs and spur innovation.

Kubernetes affords developers greater flexibility, efficiency and cost savings for application development. And while it is easy to say, collaboration between IT organizations and developers is key to making it happen.

To encourage collaboration, the Dell Digital team prioritized a frictionless infrastructure experience for developers and application teams, while at the same time delivering the same onboarding and transaction capabilities as cloud providers, with greater service, performance, cost efficiency and security.

Importantly, in making the shift to Kubernetes, Dell Digital recognized the need to make it easy to protect the container environments where valuable data resides.

This was the Dell Digital journey to a global, frictionless experience for their developer and application teams.

Graphic showing statistics of Dell Digital's team performance and growth.

To simplify and securely protect their Tanzu Kubernetes environment, Dell Digital turned to Dell PowerProtect software and appliances. Dell PowerProtect data protection solutions for Kubernetes multicloud environments deliver simplicity, efficiency and end-to-end security.

PowerProtect Data Manager software gives Dell developers the self-service tools they want to do their jobs, resulting in reduced complexity through automation, while also giving them the ability to protect Kubernetes and other workloads across hybrid multicloud environments.

To improve resiliency, Dell Digital chose PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. This simple and cost-effective solution delivers isolation, with immutable and intelligent cyber recovery.

Using these data protection solutions, Dell Digital can now provide a simplified process for code development, delivery, quality and cybersecurity, while increasing developer productivity.

Dell PowerProtect solutions for Kubernetes allow Dell Digital to provide single-source VM, app and container protection throughout their diverse environment, take advantage of Transparent Snapshots to deliver crash-consistent backups and eliminate vProxies, bring application consistency and cloud-native mobility, deliver isolation, immutable and intelligent cyber recovery, plus, move quickly with self-service template-driven backups and Protect Tanzu guest clusters at scale and with performance.

Using Dell data protection and Tanzu Kubernetes, Dell Digital went from 70,000 containers to 170,000 containers in nine months without increasing staff. That’s almost a 150% increase.

That wasn’t all. Dell Digital built a resilient, efficient and scalable Kubernetes environment.

With PowerProtect data protection, Dell Digital can count on consistently reliable restores and, importantly, protect and isolate data from ransomware and cyber threats with Cyber Recovery.

The solution is simple and cost-efficient, delivering a 200% increase* in product coding time and saving eight administrative hours per month with Transparent Snapshots. Plus, the solution is scalable, protecting 70 clusters with a single Data Manager instance and delivering automated protection policies to new clusters.

But the biggest benefit of all has been peace of mind.

Our Kubernetes environment is protected and secure—regardless of where the workloads are deployed.” – James Hall, Senior Consultant, Dell Technologies Digital

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* Results seen in proof of concept testing.

About the Author: Blanca Garcia

Blanca Garcia is a product marketing manager in Data Protection at Dell EMC, with a focus on integrated data protection appliances. She started her career as a mechanical engineer with IBM, but soon found her passion in marketing and has worked at high-tech start-ups, mid-size companies, and large enterprises marketing products and solutions in data protection, cloud, managed services, IT consulting services and consumer software.