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Cybersecurity Awareness Month is upon us, and it’s an important reminder to assess the protection level of your unstructured data against ever-increasing cyber threats. No industry is immune to cyberattacks, and defenses from existing threats are no guarantee against constantly evolving malware. The costs of attacks are significant and estimated to reach $10.5 trillion globally by 2025.1 Ransomware and extortion-related attacks are escalating too, with a 107% increase annually.2 Unstructured data, consisting of data stored on file and object storage, comprises approximately 90% of data across the enterprise. Security for unstructured data is critical and requires specialized defenses from cyberattacks.

Unstructured Data Requires an End-to-end Cybersecurity Solution

Your IT department needs more than a point solution for cybersecurity. Snapshots and immutable backups are not sufficient for cybersecurity defense. Dell Technologies PowerScale utilizes OneFS software with integrated cybersecurity defenses. The latest OneFS software offers security features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, data encryption, host-based firewall and additional capabilities, which help enable a Zero Trust framework. As a result, PowerScale running OneFS software recently received the stringent Department of Defense Approved Product List certification, validating the underlying software and hardware features.

Dell’s Unstructured Data Cybersecurity Solution Provides Advanced Multi-layered Protection

Dell knows data security is paramount and provides an advanced solution for file and object storage. The solution consists of multiple layers including intrinsically secure storage, advanced cybersecurity capabilities, trusted industry expertise and Dell Technologies services. Dell’s solution enables you to protect, detect and respond against cyber threats.

  • Protect. Dell enables unstructured storage users to protect data prior to a cyberattack. Dell will assess the current cybersecurity state through the lens of Zero Trust. Dell also recommends deploying PowerScale and ECS, the world’s most secure3 scale-out network-attached storage, and object storage, with built-in cyber protections. In addition, Dell enables organizations to protect data using an immutable backup in an isolated cyber vault. These safeguards help defend critical unstructured data before an attack occurs.
  • Detect. Cyberattacks are a constant threat, and Dell’s Unstructured Data Cybersecurity solution enables you to detect attacks in real time. The ability to utilize advanced software to identify attacks is critical. The Dell solution leverages AI and ML to analyze system behavior and detect suspicious activity including unusual users, devices and data access patterns. In addition, the solution shares bidirectional threat intelligence to and from the data layer with an ecosystem of third-party security vendors for comprehensive protection. This suite of features notifies you immediately when under attack.
  • Respond. In the event that an attack occurs, Dell provides a solution that allows automated responses to cyberattacks to mitigate damages and accelerate the recovery process. The Unstructured Data Cybersecurity solution automatically blocks compromised accounts to interrupt data encryption cyberattacks in real time. In addition, the solution disrupts data theft attacks by detecting anomalous data reads through continuous auditing. IT administrators can restore operations from immutable backups with unmatched recovery time. Finally, IT departments that have been attacked can leverage Dell’s cybersecurity experts for greater confidence in their recovery. The ability to rapidly respond in the event of a cyberattack is a key element of cyber planning.

Partner with Dell to Strengthen Your Unstructured Data Cybersecurity

Defending against cybersecurity threats is a constant challenge, but Dell is here to help. Dell’s multi-faceted Unstructured Data Cybersecurity solution utilizes built-in hardware capabilities, software automation, partner integrations and cybersecurity experts to protect your critical data.

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3 Based on Dell analysis comparing cyber-security software capabilities offered for Dell PowerScale vs. competitive products, September 2022

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