Dell Technologies, T-Mobile Live at Tech Experience 5G Hub

Together, we’re demonstrating capabilities of VxRail combined with 5G networks.

This blog is co-authored by Erin Raney, Sr. Director of Network Services and Innovation, T-Mobile, overseeing T-Mobile’s Tech Experience Program.

Dell Technologies and T-Mobile have joined forces to bring advanced compute, mobile network and network solutions to the edge with pre-validated designs to help enterprises capitalize on the 5G opportunity. Doing all this at T-Mobile’s Tech Experience 5G Hub, where Dell Technologies and T-Mobile partnered to bring the latest offerings to fuel the 5G Ecosystem through Proofs of Concept.

Virtualized edge solutions bring business applications to where enterprises create data and:

    • Process for real-time analytics
    • Conserve network bandwidth
    • Add security
    • Provide infrastructure consolidation of isolated hardware silos
    • Reduce OpEx costs

Innovation from Dell, T-Mobile and VMware

Dell Technologies, T-Mobile and VMware combined technologies to deliver application-ready edge infrastructure on premises. This virtualized edge infrastructure model consolidates isolated and heterogeneous hardware silos to reduce OpEx and maximize investments to generate business value for enterprise customers. The joint companies’ collaboration is building an open ecosystem for the future to deliver the power of edge computing that runs on VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure with 5G network connectivity.

Dell Technologies, T-Mobile and VMware have considered the key components customers need in bringing this solution to market: 5G connectivity, infrastructure-as-a-service, multicloud support to include built-in migration for workloads running on VMware, a simplified management interface and services and support from Dell Technologies and T-Mobile.

The 5G Hub

T-Mobile 5G Hub and Dell Technologies have invested a substantial amount of time and capital to install, configure and integrate a Private 5G Network to Dell Technologies foundational infrastructure. It supports containers (CNFs) and virtual machines (VNFs), and enables edge partner ecosystem ISVs, startups and enterprises to provide a medium required by programmers and developers to ideate and innovate around 5G connectivity and edge vertical use cases.

T-Mobile 5G connectivity vendors and Dell Technologies edge partner ecosystem ISVs have also participated to deploy and showcase Smart City use cases including car license plate, make and model recognition, intrusion detection, theft detection, people count and more in the 24,000 Sq ft 5G Hub facility. The nation’s leading 5G network and leading-edge Dell Technologies enterprise edge infrastructure, with embedded GPU acceleration, supports advanced technologies like AI and ML for developer ecosystem and enterprises to innovate faster.

Outcomes for our Customers and Partners

    • Dell and 5G Hub will meet startups, cloud developers, government, education, SMB and enterprise customers to create, test and validate technologies that will drive edge cloud consumption
    • T-Mobile’s 5G Hub is the perfect space for innovation, creation, partnering, and realizing workloads that will drive the future
    • Putting the brightest minds in connectivity, cloud computing and application developers will create and drive edge workloads that will create economic growth, make workplaces safer and more productive
    • 5G Hub will have a “gravitational pull” once we are fully operational with the opportunity to create future technologies in an open environment. It will be too compelling and economically advantageous to ignore

If you are joining us at Dell Tech World in Las Vegas we would love to see you for a session at 3pm PT on May 24 for ‘Tools and strategies for CSPs to deliver enterprise 5G and edge solutions’, Session ID 2006P-1, where T-Mobile and Dell will co-present what we are delivering.

We’ve done more than demystify 5G for enterprises; we deliver it in a complete solution, wrapped up with a blue bow and a place to innovate for the future. Are you a customer, ISV, developer, or partner interested in working with us? Learn more here.

Jillian Kaplan

About the Author: Jillian Kaplan

Jillian Kaplan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Infrastructure Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. Her responsibilities include bringing thought leadership and Telecom solutions to market for AI, GenAI, Infrastructure and sustainability. She is a 20 year Telecom industry veteran and prior to Dell Technologies, worked at Verizon for 15 years and held a variety of roles in network engineering, product management, marketing operations and sales enablement. She has a B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an M.B.A from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an A.C.E. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.