Deploying VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail is a Dell/VMware joint solution designed to streamline Kubernetes use.

Container and Kubernetes adoption experienced hyper-growth over the past two years, with the number of clusters being deployed by each enterprise often eclipsing double digits. In fact, VMware’s The State of Kubernetes 2022 survey showed that only 12% of respondents (individuals with responsibility for Kubernetes at companies with 1,000 or more employees) operated Kubernetes with five or less clusters, while 29% have more than 50. Additionally, nearly half (48%) expect their Kubernetes cluster footprint to grow by more than 50% in the coming years.

This substantial growth has driven the need for simplified solutions that support containers with Kubernetes orchestration, as well as management capabilities for the deployment of multiple Kubernetes clusters. To meet this demand, Dell is working together with VMware to deliver the best possible joint solution for enterprises deploying and running VMware Tanzu™.

What is VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail?

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail accelerates the delivery of Kubernetes infrastructure and simplifies management of containers through a simplified, consistent approach to container deployment, scaling and lifecycle management. Dell and VMware’s joint solution provides hyperconverged infrastructure that is fully tested for VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations’ software modules. It allows for rapid and automated deployment of new clusters needed by DevOps teams to deliver modern applications.

Serving as the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for the solution, Dell VxRail accelerates Kubernetes infrastructure delivery while providing the operational flexibility to add new nodes non-disruptively to existing clusters in as little as 15 minutes. Dell VxRail is a fully integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested VMware hyperconverged system for VMware HCI software, providing full stack lifecycle management, global cluster management, health checks and automated operations. This VMware HCI software also features a 30-day synchronous release with VMware software components, keeping your environment continuously up-to-date.

These benefits allow VxRail to be an organization’s ideal fit for hosting and running VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations gives organizations a simplified, consistent approach to container deployment and management with tools, automation and data-driven insights that boost developer productivity, secure applications, data and optimize infrastructure performance. This includes both components that can be installed within a customer’s data center, as well as components that are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations features.

How Can I Deploy VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail?

Dell and VMware have collaborated to build a reference architecture that clearly explains the implementation process for VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail. The graphic below shows a high-level view of the two core components. First, the on-premises infrastructure and software that supports modern applications including both VMs and containers. Secondly, the SaaS services to manage, monitor and observe the on-premises deployment.

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail Reference Architecture graphic.

Learn More at VMware Explore

Want to dive deeper into VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on Dell VxRail? Visit our interactive Dell Technologies booth at VMware Explore (Booth #902) to talk with one of our experts, or attend one of our sessions featuring the solution, such as “Modern Infrastructure Built for VMware Tanzu and S3 Applications” or “Unlock the Power of Modern Applications with VMware Tanzu on VxRail.” Additionally, you can learn more about Dell VxRail by visiting our VxRail solutions website.

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