Explore the Multicloud World with Dell and VMware

Learn how Dell services for VMware can help you navigate your way from a “cloud by default” to a “cloud by design” state.

This year at the VMware Explore conference, VMware is asking attendees to “Map Your Multicloud Journey” and for good reason. Multicloud is as popular as ever, with 87% of organizations reporting they’re utilizing multiple clouds to support the needs of their business according to Flexera’s 2023 State of the Cloud report. The same report shows 72% of organizations utilize hybrid cloud, combining the best of private cloud along with public cloud to provide a more holistic set of cloud services to their end users.

The findings from that report match the reality we see when we help customers with multicloud adoption. Most have grown organically over the years and adopted various cloud platforms as needed in a siloed approach, or what we refer to as multicloud by default. Our goal is to help customers achieve multicloud by design, using a model that enables them to get rid of the shackles of silos to have a platform that enables them to run the right workload in the right cloud with common governance, security and financial transparency across all cloud environments.

Many of our customers have standardized on VMware infrastructure to serve as the foundation for their on-premises cloud platform. VMware’s infrastructure and cloud products are a staple in data centers from the enterprise all the way to small business and can serve as a powerful foundation for multicloud by design. Dell and VMware have a long history of collaborating in this space, including on products like Dell VxRail and Dell APEX. This enables Dell to have deep subject matter expertise in both our own solutions and those from VMware.

Our Consulting Services team offers services to meet a customer wherever they are on their multicloud journey with VMware technologies. We do this across our four consulting journeys (practices): Multicloud, Applications & Data, Resiliency & Security and Modern Workforce. Within each of these, Dell offers a comprehensive set of consulting services for VMware technologies. Our services are well-aligned to our product portfolio, enabling us to offer more complete transformational outcomes for our customers. Our consulting team goes beyond simply helping a customer to install and configure VMware software, focusing on customer outcomes and solving business problems.

Within our Multicloud journey, we offer key services for VMware’s entire Aria suite of products, enabling us to help customers build out a true multicloud infrastructure across solutions like Dell VxRail. These services include the important automation and integration components that turn a solution from something that’s just blinking lights in a data center into a true multicloud solution that delivers outcomes the business needs. We wrap all of that together with the organizational and process changes needed to properly transform and adopt multicloud.

Our Applications & Data services support a customer’s cloud native journey, with services across VMware’s Tanzu suite of technologies. This includes Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Tanzu Kubernetes Operations and Tanzu Application Platform, delivering a container infrastructure that promotes productivity and innovation. This helps customers take steps to transform their applications and gain the agility of true cloud native applications.

Critical to the success of any organization’s multicloud journey is protecting what matters most to the business, and that is where our services for Resiliency & Security come in. Our goal here is to help customers secure their VMware virtual infrastructure through powerful security capabilities of VMware NSX. Once those workloads are secured, the next natural step is to protect them with site resiliency –and our services for VMware Site Recovery Manager do just that.

Last but certainly not least, our services in the Modern Workforce space are all focused on helping customers adopt the future of work. That comes in the form of services for VMware’s Horizon suite to provide virtual desktops and remote access, a key enabler for teams to work remotely and enable hybrid workforces. And we enhanced that by offering many services for VMware’s Workspace ONE suite to support customers to access their applications on device of choice while providing a welcoming and performant user experience.

VMware’s message of “Map Your Multicloud Journey” aligns perfectly with Dell’s comprehensive portfolio of consulting services for VMware technologies. That’s exactly what we do each day by helping our customers adopt multicloud solutions, go cloud-native with their applications, protect and secure what matters most and provide the best end user experience possible. We hope to see you at VMware Explore this year!

About the Author: Matt Liebowitz

Matt Liebowitz is the Global Multicloud lead for the Dell Technologies Consulting Services Portfolio. He focuses on thought leadership and service development for multicloud, automation and data center related Consulting services. Matt has been named a VMware vExpert every year since 2010 and is a frequent blogger and author on a wide range of cloud related topics. Matt has been a co-author on three virtualization-focused books, including Virtualizing Microsoft Business-critical Applications on VMware vSphere and VMware vSphere Performance. He is also a frequent speaker at the VMware Explore and Dell Technologies World conferences.