Embrace Technology Change – It’s the New Norm!

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Technology is constantly changing and holds the promise to improve how we work, but only if it’s adopted! A change mindset needs to be the new norm in today’s organizations. No matter the size of the organization or the industry, change is constantly with us, especially technology change.

So what’s all the hype about formalizing adoption and change management programs? Does it really matter?

The answer is most definitely YES!!!

Taking a Personalized Approach to the Human Side of Change

While change is constant, it doesn’t mean people embrace it and realize the benefits of the change. Change happens because of people and focusing their perspective makes all the difference in how quickly they embrace new technology and adopt new ways of working. With the pressure to realize the benefits of technology investments faster, organizations are re-thinking how they help drive their people to embrace new ways of working.

I recently participated on a panel discussion with my Dell Technologies Services peers where we discussed the importance of an adoption and change management (ACM) program to realize the value of technology investments.

We explore lots of topics such as:

  • How not to manage change.
  • Why does a comprehensive approach matter?
  • What’s needed beyond communication and training?
  • What frameworks should organizations use?
  • Why is understanding workforce personas key to change?
  • What are the key components for success?
  • How to manage resistance?

Click on the video below to get in on the panel discussion and learn the correct approaches to managing ACM and the ways to advocate your workers to embrace change.

Understand, Adopt, Refine and Repeat

News flash – this idea of formalizing an ACM program is something that should become standard operating procedures for every organization. Think of it as a virtuous cycle that is part of your organizations’ DNA – built into everything you do when it comes to helping your people adopt new ways of working. Certainly not all change is equal, the level and depth of an ACM program will vary based on the complexity of the solution and  the impact it has on your workers.

By taking a comprehensive, persona-driven approach to driving adoption allows awareness, communication, education, governance and job aids to be more targeted, tailored and effective. Adopt this approach to better position your organization to maximize technology investments and reap the rewards of a satisfied and more productive workforce.

Need Help Rolling Out New Technology to Your People?

Dell Technologies is here to help. Our experts can help you craft an ACM program uniquely designed to your organization so you can maximize your technology investments as quickly as possible. Comment below to start the conversation or contact a Dell Technologies representative to learn how we can help you.

Mustafa Hamid

About the Author: Mustafa Hamid

Mustafa Hamid is a Global Discipline Lead for our modern workforce consulting services. In this role, he provides strategy and thought leadership, helps guide Dell’s best practices for service delivery and leads our global community of practice for modern workforce. Mustafa has a diverse background in many Microsoft-centric technologies including modern work, Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Microsoft’s Defender solutions and adoption and change management. He is passionate about helping organizations enhance productivity and security through the use of technology. Mustafa enjoys hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and has two sons.
Topics in this article