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Go from difficult and time consuming to deploy, to services in as few as 14 days.

Introducing VMware Cloud Director on VxRail from Dell Technologies and VMware. This pre-engineered, integration tested solution stack for Cloud Service Providers (CSP), provides secure multitenant private and hybrid cloud services for their SMB and enterprise customers.

The solution includes Dell VxRail, a hyperconverged infrastructure that enables CSPs to provide virtual data centers for customers needing private and hybrid cloud in a self-service model, and VMware Cloud Director, a cloud service delivery platform to operate and manage successful cloud service businesses.

VMware Cloud Director on VxRail allows a CSP to reduce engineering, operational and capital costs by providing a standardized, but multi-purpose hardware platform model with secure multi-tenancy and customer self-service, to consume only the resources that are needed. No more stranded resources, over allocation or long lead times for turning up a new customer cloud environment.

As is shown in the illustration, CSPs can use this solution, with shown components, to provide cloud services and offer additional services for tenants.

When VxRail is deployed with VMware Cloud Director, CSPs are able to accelerate time to market, drive revenue growth and accelerate service delivery to end customers.

There are key differentiating values to CSPs when VxRail is deployed with VMware Cloud Director:

    • Cloud Director securely isolates resources, users, compute, memory and storage. With this isolation, tenants get self-service capabilities without requiring the CSP to develop a solution in-house.
    • Cloud Director orchestration provisions public and hybrid cloud services for easy consumption and to reduce CAPEX.
    • Cloud Director supports a broad range of workloads, from database and data mining systems to traditional Windows web servers and container workloads.
    • Cloud Director reduces the time to deploy and provision customer environments. Entire workload virtual machines or containers, networks, storage and security can be deployed and configured in seconds.

Solution Diagram VCD on VxRail

Cloud Service providers can deploy VxRail and Cloud Director using a validated design for tenant self-service to control their resources:

    • Tenants can deploy workloads in minutes or seconds.
    • The self-service capabilities are out of the box without requiring custom build solutions in-house.
    • Tenants can experience reliable and consistent cloud services across on-prem and off-prem managed services through a trusted service provider backed by the power of Dell Technologies.

Why should CSPs consider Cloud Director on VxRail?

With VxRail, CSPs get the hyperconverged building blocks of a standardized cloud footprint. The units are completely automated – cloud providers are able to scale in and out simply.

Without VMware Cloud Director, there isn’t the agility to expand and contract infrastructure resource pools with each new VxRail instance.

Cloud Director provides the essential cloud overlay experience for CSP operations and their customers. Cloud provider operations teams can deliver much faster, saving costs in automation and standardization, and customers gain a huge benefit from the cloud economics associated with public cloud.

But it doesn’t stop there. To stand out, cloud providers must differentiate, this is also achieved with Cloud Director. Customers can provision cloud resource, security, storage and networking as basic public cloud requirements. Providers can offer additional services in application modernization with Kubernetes cluster services, DevOps tooling, data protection services, marketplace and much more. All services maintain the cloud economic standing of pay as you grow and self-service via a single pane of glass with VMware Cloud Director.

Cloud Director is taking cloud service providers to a new horizon, driving more revenue while improving business efficiency and agility.

    • Immedion experienced an 80% reduction in day-to-day activities via VMware Cloud Director automation. Customer’s servers are deployed and configured in seconds and their virtual estates in minutes.
    • T-Systems developed new revenue streams with managed services and consulting with new services driving 75% YoY growth.

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About the Author: Lucas Nguyen

With over 25 years in the industry, Lucas Nguyen is a seasoned contributor to the storage and virtualization industries. At Dell Technologies, Lucas focuses on building joint solutions for Cloud Service Providers who offer cloud services.