Leading the Way Through Data Protection Industry Changes

Dell Technologies stands by its customers with steadfast support and innovative solutions for an ever-increasing threat landscape.

The data protection landscape shifted quite dramatically with the recent announcement that Cohesity would be acquiring its much larger rival, Veritas Software. Acquisitions of this size in the data protection market space are somewhat unusual, particularly when the acquiring entity is significantly smaller in both revenue and customer base than the acquired company. Bringing two technology organizations together with different cultures and overlapping product offerings is certainly going to be challenging—particularly since the stated intent is to continue supporting all the enterprise solution offerings in Veritas’ portfolio for years to come and “leave no customer behind.” In addition, they will try to do this while integrating the best capabilities of the collective product offerings from both companies. To be sure, these are laudable goals; however, it will be a delicate balancing act.

Dell Technologies has been on a similar, albeit less chaotic, journey for the past five years. In 2019, we released our modern cloud-native data protection platform, PowerProtect Data Manager. Since its release, we have been helping our customers make the transition from their traditional Dell data protection software solutions to Data Manager. Its growth has been impressive. In this last calendar year alone, Data Manager adoption has increased over 100% and has quietly vaulted into a #1 position from a customer satisfaction NPS perspective. In fact, it was chosen as the leader in innovation, scalability and operational simplicity, and is preferred by more IT decision makers than Rubrik, Cohesity, Veeam, Commvault and Veritas.¹ PowerProtect Data Manager is available as standalone software or as an integrated appliance.

In addition to delivering innovative feature enhancements like Transparent Snapshots and Dynamic NAS Protection, Data Manager also provides potent cyber resiliency capabilities through its tight integration with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. The foundation of Data Manager’s cyber resilient multicloud data protection capabilities resides in our PowerProtect Data Domain appliances. In fact, many of our customers using Veritas NetBackup have been relying on Data Domain appliances for decades to protect and secure their critical business data on-premises and in the public cloud. NetBackup users can efficiently move, manage, protect and recover their data anywhere it resides across edge, core and multicloud infrastructure using our appliance offerings. And many of these same customers are using our appliances to create an isolated, digital vault with immutability and intelligence to ensure they can recover from cyberattacks.

In these uncertain times, it’s critical for our customers to have confidence in their data protection and cyber resiliency infrastructure. They need solutions with a proven track record and a promising future. Dell is committed to helping our customers address their data management challenges, both now and in the future. Our solutions offer the operational simplicity, resilience, efficiency and innovation required to navigate the complexities of the digital era seamlessly.

For our valued customers currently leveraging Veritas as their backup solution, Dell extends an invitation to engage in a discussion regarding PowerProtect Data Manager. We are eager to explore how we can assist in transforming your backup infrastructure into a cost-effective and exceptionally reliable modern data protection environment, mitigating risks from human error, natural disasters and cyber threats. Let’s connect and discover how Dell can help you reassess your data protection strategy, streamline IT operations and enhance the protection and resilience of your most critical assets—your data.

1 Based on Dell analysis in January 2022 comparing among Top 5 Data Protection software providers globally using double-blinded, competitive benchmark Net Promoter Score (NPS) data gathered by third-party commissioned by Dell for 2H FY22.

About the Author: David Noy

David Noy brings 25 years of experience in the storage and data management industry. He spent nearly a decade leading engineering and product management teams for numerous companies, including Dell Technologies, NetApp, Veritas and Cohesity. Today, David leads two industry-leading technology divisions at Dell Technologies, Unstructured Data Storage and Data Protection, where he is helping to embolden innovation around data management and hybrid cloud; and driving advancement of holistic solutions to help heighten business success for customers worldwide.