Run Your Business, Not Your Infrastructure

Consuming infrastructure as-a-service reduces complexity in managing IT, brings cloud everywhere, and accelerates digital transformation.

As we all experienced first-hand last year, successful digital transformation depends on the digital resiliency of our organizations. Meaning – how quickly can we adjust to disruptions by using digital capabilities to restore business operations and then recognize opportunity within the changed conditions?

Digital transformation is not just about the technology, but how we are changing the entire way we do business. From storage and cloud, to food delivery and music listening, society has increasingly come to expect service-based consumption. So, it should come as no surprise that organizations also want to consume one of the most challenging aspects of running a business – IT infrastructure – as-a-Service.

As Dell Technologies has always done with solutions, from our PCs to storage and Unified Workspace, when we drive innovation in IT for ourselves, we strive to make it even easier for our customers to do the same. That’s why we are helping organizations accelerate innovation with new cloud and infrastructure services.

Mobility, agility, flexibility and control

Infrastructure as-a-Service accelerates digital transformation by giving organizations mobility, agility, flexibility and control in IT. It makes us more digitally resilient and enables us to move quickly with changing market conditions and respond nimbly to unexpected challenges.

Consuming infrastructure as-a-Service also enables IT to become more agile to deliver new experiences for customers. When greatly sought-after technical skills aren’t being used to simply “keep the lights on” within an organization, IT organizations can focus on driving innovation that differentiates the business and enables growth.

Having flexibility to manage and operate public and private cloud environments is critical to establishing digital resiliency. When we consume infrastructure as-a-Service, we get the flexibility to build the cloud of our choice, whether hybrid or private – operated by us, but managed for us.

Infrastructure as-a-Service requires very little investment up front, and it allows users to grow or expand service levels as needed. Now, instead of investing in infrastructure and maintenance, we can control spend and invest money in business strategy that drives growth and revenue.

Reducing the complexity of IT

To sum up, consuming infrastructure as-a-Service reduces complexity in managing IT, brings cloud everywhere and accelerates digital transformation. As we work to be better prepared for the unexpected surprises that come our way, we are sharing these best practices and solutions with our customers to also help them focus on innovation that makes a competitive difference.

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Cheryl Foulkes

About the Author: Cheryl Foulkes

Cheryl leads the IT Operations and Strategy and Team Member Experiences teams for Dell Technologies’ IT organization. She is passionate about aligning and prioritizing IT projects for the future while ensuring team members are leveraging the best technology to work from anywhere, anytime. As a career veteran of Dell Technologies, Cheryl understands that team member experience directly correlates to customer satisfaction and she works to ensure success from the inside out. Prior to this role, Cheryl has held just about every IT role in Dell. She speaks from experience and shares strong relationships with leaders across the business to better enable our internal digital transformation. Cheryl is on the Susan G. Komen leadership board for central and east Texas, and when not at work, she enjoys visiting Durango, Colorado, and hiking with her husband and two goldendoodles. She also loves dinners out with friends.