Simplifying Your Infrastructure as-a-Service Deployments

Partners can now provide multi-tenancy for Tanzu on VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation to simplify their IaaS deployments.

With the explosive growth of containerized applications running from the core to the edge, and onto the Radio Access Network (RAN), businesses of all sizes and roles are challenged with managing the myriad of infrastructures needed to host those ever-growing applications.

Dell Technologies and VMware have created a solution architecture (illustrated below) that simplifies IaaS deployments at Cloud Service Provider locations for their end customers, offering the end customer a virtual private cloud leveraging the multi-tenancy features of VMware Cloud Director with the implementation simplicity of Cloud Foundation.

Solution architecture for IaaS simplification for Cloud Service Providers, as offered by Dell Technologies and VMware. Tanzu and VxRail are key differentiating, turn-key solutions to address this growing market.  

Graphic of statistics highlighting benefits of using VxRail Tanzu solutions.

For cloud service providers deploying this validated solution is an opportunity to expand revenue for a consumption-based model. This solution helps accelerates time-to-market and time-to-revenue to capture more market with continually expanding outcome-based offering portfolio. The joint solution validation simplifies experience for cloud service providers to deliver such offerings and functionalities native to vSphere and now available in VMware Cloud Director.

Tanzu as-a-Service with VMware Cloud Director multi-tenancy on VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation gives competitive advantages as follows:

For Cloud Service Providers

      • Enabling providers to offer dedicated private cloud or multi-tenant cloud for managed Kubernetes services.
      • Providing multi-tenant k8s (Kubernetes) managed services for tenant DevSecOps and developers on existing vSphere environments.
      • Leverage your existing vSphere and vCenter expertise and knowledge without needing a new, steep learning curve.

For Customers

      • Focus on the business applications, not the infrastructure, with VMware Cloud Director, VMwareApp LaunchPad and integrated VMware Cloud Marketplace, third party or custom applications.
      • Build, run and manage your applications with a robust underlying platform which enables you to focus your resources on application development and not on infrastructure management. Deploy your own container-based resources to better enable you application lifecycle.
      • Boosts developer velocity and scale modern application services using a pre-wired, modular application-aware platform to quickly deploy containerized workloads.

In summary, cloud service providers can build the services around this reference solution more quickly and shorten the time to market to differentiate via additional services to their customers. From the operator experience perspective, together with VMware, we offer a consistent infrastructure which is achieved by joint product integrations and validations. This consistency is to simplify cloud native, DevOps practices providing a streamlined path to K8s production. The end-result is to drive operator efficiency.

Operational consistency and efficiency at the infrastructure layer provides a better developer experience. Developers can be more productive when they know the stability of the infrastructure that translates to better predictability or outcome-based app development. Application modernization can happen in a predictive schedule, measured in weeks, not months.

To get started, Dell Technologies and VMware are offering account workshops to jump start your pipeline. Please contact your account manager for more information. To learn more about this solution, visit the Knowledge Center.

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About the Author: Lucas Nguyen

With over 25 years in the industry, Lucas Nguyen is a seasoned contributor to the storage and virtualization industries. At Dell Technologies, Lucas focuses on building joint solutions for Cloud Service Providers who offer cloud services.