Support by Product and Support by Product ID User Experience

We have included the Support by Product ID view to the Support by Product page experience.  This allows you to choose whether you want to see high level content (Support by Product) or customized content pertaining to your install base (Support by Product ID). Depending on the option you choose the Support by Product and Support by Product ID the sections will provide a much different view from each other.

Support by Product Pages

Support by Product pages are a high level view of the product and its appropriate support content. From the Support by Product landing page, type the name of your product within the product type ahead.

Click on the Product Name populated into the text field, then click on the blue button.


You will be directed to the Support by Product page, here you will be able to see support documentation, downloads, knowledge base articles, forums, how to videos, advisories, and in some cases Recommended Resources and Support Topics.


Support by Product- Product ID View Pages

The Support by Product – Product ID View experience Support by Product – Product ID page offers support customization for your installed base.  If you have a serialized product, you will be able to take advantage of this additional feature.  To get started to find content for your install base, follow the drop down options in located under the “Find a Product by Product ID” section.


The following Support by Product ID page is an example of what you will see when you arrive at your page .  This new features pulls in all the information pertaining to your install base. Targeted support content is also populated in the centerwell tab.



  1. The + to add this page to the Save Products section.
  2. The + to subscribe to Product Advisories.
  3. The + to subscribe to Product Updates.
  4. For Live Chat
  5. Create a Service Request

  The tabs provide the appropriate content for your install base product page:


The active tab is delineated by the bold font.  Filters are available for the content (1.) so you can get to the content type you are looking for easily and quickly.   Contingent on the tab you choose you will see a different set of options available to you. For example, if you choose the Documentation tab, you will be able to use the filters (1.) to target in on specific content.  If you choose Service Requests, you will be able to view the details to your active service.


For more details on Support by Product and Support by Product – Product ID pages see the EMC Online Help.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment and let me know.

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