Sustainable Innovation with Dell Technologies and VMware

Developing modern, secure and sustainable solutions together.

The world is progressing towards a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. From prioritizing safe, sustainable and equitable practices across the ecosystem of today’s business, at Dell Technologies and VMware, we strive to be leaders of the pack when it comes to innovating sustainably.

For Dell Technologies and VMware, sustainability is core to our values. We share a legacy of enabling positive environmental impact through our technology solutions and continue to decarbonize digital infrastructure across our customer ecosystem, value chain and operations. As we look ahead to our respective 2030 goals, we are committed to developing ground-breaking and sustainable solutions together.

Sustainable Innovation with Dell Technologies and VMware

Dell Technologies and VMware believe sustainability is fundamental to customer success. As leaders in our fields, we are committed to creating safer environments and supporting supply chain resiliency to ensure reliable and responsible products.

As we know, digital transformation has become a rallying cry for every industry, and there is a corresponding need to prioritize IT projects within an organization. This shift can be very disruptive for organizations, and existing systems and operational models often fail to adapt quickly enough to meet business needs. New demands are pushing the limits of traditional infrastructure architectures, but at the same time, the rapid changes led to a lightning rod of innovation over the past few years.

Project Monterey is an excellent example of our joint innovation and our ability to push the limits with new modern applications. Dell and VMware are working together to introduce the next major architectural shift in IT infrastructure. In this scenario, we empower x86-based servers with next-generation SmartNIC/Data Processing Units (DPU) that will help transform IT infrastructures into pools of resources across the edge, core, and cloud software-defined and seamlessly managed. This offloading benefits from freeing up a host’s core CPUs to support additional business applications, improve performance and facilitate sharing of hardware components like GPUs, FPGAs, and storage across a host cluster. With the ability to minimize the host infrastructure, organizations will be able to reduce energy and carbon. Our development teams are working to quantify this energy and carbon-reduction benefit and potential CAPEX and OPEX savings — and we will share those metrics when they are available.

Dell and VMware shared social impact goals.Our commitment to developing sustainable solutions includes:

    • Dell PowerEdge: We have reduced PowerEdge’s energy intensity by 83% since 2013.¹
    • Dell PowerStore: PowerStore guarantees 4:1 data reduction to support infrastructure consolidation.²
    • VMware Cloud Foundation: Enables customers to replicate public cloud’s more efficient, shared environments and higher utilization to collectively avoid deployment of 142 million servers, consumption of 2.4 billion megawatts of energy and 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.³

Consolidating global IT for Sustainability

Joint customer SMC Corporation of America (SMC) partnered with Dell Technologies and VMware to consolidate their global IT and transform their business for greater efficiency and sustainability. With IT operations dispersed across 83 countries, SMC standardized on joint solutions from Dell Technologies and VMware to enhance efficiency and improve team collaboration and innovation.

As SMC transformed its IT environment, the organization has kept a constant eye on sustainability.

“With partners like Dell and VMware, we are leveraging the technology of a hyper-converged platform through VMware’s Cloud Foundation on VxRail and PowerScale. This incredible partnership allows us to protect our capital investments and achieve our sustainability mission. We know we have the support necessary throughout the project’s life, ensuring that as technology changes, we’ll have a partner in Dell Technologies and VMware that will enable us to grow with them,” shared Mike Loggins, VP of Global IT, SMC.

Loggins added, “SMC has been around for 62 years, and we only have plans to grow and develop further for many years to come. Sustainability is an important consideration in everything we do.”

When it comes to sustainable infrastructure, the strategy for meeting our respective 2030 moonshot goals will be to make products more energy-efficient and reduce thermal management and cooling needs. This also includes optimizing the infrastructure in an environment to run more efficiently with a smaller physical footprint.

We are building a brighter future with the power of innovation from Dell Technologies and VMware and our joint customers, team members and communities. To learn more about our sustainability commitment and goals, please visit our Advancing Sustainability page.

Or visit us at Dell Technologies World, where we have several sessions to showcase our joint innovation and commitment to sustainability.

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¹ Based on internal analysis, April 2021.

² 4:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications. Rates for individual applications may vary. See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.

³ IDC white paper, sponsored by VMware: “Enabling More Agile and Sustainable Business through Carbon-Efficient Digital Transformations,” August 2020.

About the Author: Danielle Coady

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