• Recent reports

    Dell has long been a leader in corporate social responsibility, and we’re proud of our pioneering initiatives. Explore our recent reports and see how we’re creating a better future for people and planet.

    • FY18 Update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

      Our FY18 annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan shares stories of how our team members, customers, suppliers and partners are working together to deliver on our commitment to build a Legacy of Good.

    • Our 2020 Legacy of Good Strategic Action Plan

      We published our original Legacy of Good Plan in 2013, to announce our strategic vision and the social and environmental goals we’re committed to reach by 2020. As a result of our integration with EMC in September 2016, we revised our Plan and updated our 2020 goals by taking the best from our two legacy companies. View our original Plan and the revised Plan.

    • FY18 GRI Index

      The Global Reporting Initiative is the most widely used framework for voluntary, non-financial reporting. View our most recent GRI content index.

    • FY18 Supply Chain Sustainability Progress Report

      We manage responsible business practices in one of the world’s largest supply chains. This report details the key actions and progress from our focus on sustainability.

    • Responsible Minerals Sourcing Report

      Dell is committed to the responsible sourcing of materials used in our products. This report discloses our responsible sourcing work in 3TG, cobalt and mica.