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Dell Hybrid Client

Modern thin client software with incredible flexibility.

What makes it one of a kind?

As work environments evolve, there’s been an increase in the adoption of public, private and hybrid clouds. So how do you ensure these changes- which impact client applications- storage and compute, are easy to use, effective to manage and secure for your organisation?

The answer is Dell Hybrid Client. Our exclusive cloud-managed client software solution ensures access to apps and data, wherever they are hosted. Designed for anytime, anywhere access, Dell Hybrid Client brings simplicity and flexibility to every workplace and enables your workforce to work confidently in the office or remote.

Flexibility - on your terms

Multiple ways to deliver apps

Dell Hybrid Client supports local, virtual and web/cloud apps. With support for multiple operating modes: Cloud, VDI or local or a combination of all.

Multiple platform options

Dell Hybrid Client works with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform™ service with support for Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive.

Multiple form factors

Compatible with laptops, All-in-Ones, desktops and workstations so no matter how you work, it works for you.

Experience the complete solution

Take the Dell Hybrid Client Virtual Tour

Explore Dell’s new hybrid client solutions and see how its features will accelerate workflow for businesses.

Instant access

Whether your apps and data are hosted on-premises or the public cloud, Single Sign-On (SSO) grants your workforce immediate secure access from selected Dell desktops, laptops, and all-in-ones.

Simplified workflow

Users only need to login once to access IT-approved web apps, local Linux apps, virtualised apps and storage without disruption, wait times, or repetitive password entries.

A consistent experience

Enjoy a consistent, personalised experience on all devices thanks to the “follow” me feature. Collaborate more smoothly with optimised support for popular unified communications apps.

Ready immediately

All features are ready right out of the box, with intelligent, low-touch deployment from the cloud through Wyse Management Suite Pro.

Safe at every touchpoint

Protect user and company data through system lockdown, full disk encryption, browsing security and peripherals restriction.

Experience enhanced browser security through upgraded system lockdown with more granularity in security profiles.

Ensure that apps and content can only be accessed in authorised ways through single-sign-on (SSO)with support for IPSEC compliant VPNs and multi-factor authentication.

Select your thin client solution with Dell Hybrid Client

OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client

OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client

A quiet, durable computing experience that makes it easier for you to multitask.

OptiPlex All-in-One

OptiPlex All-in-One

Work in comfort and in style with a sleek design with collaboration and security features built in.

OptiPlex Micro

OptiPlex Micro*

Ultra-compact desktop designed to free up workspaces.
*Not available with Dell ThinOS

Latitude 3440

Latitude 3440

Tackle tasks with this modern laptop equipped with upgraded features.

Latitude 5440

Latitude 5440

Achieve the perfect balance with this scalable laptop that boasts impressive power.

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Intel® Core™ Processors
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