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Storage for Data Analytics

Uncover your data-first strategy with modern data analytics infrastructure.

Deliver deeper insights with flexible, scalable, enterprise data analytics solutions that bridge structured and unstructured data. Discover how we enable solutions for algorithmic trading, AI, DL, Hadoop®, Internet of Things (IoT), Splunk®, streaming apps and more.

Discover the future of data analytics with Dell Storage

  • All-Flash throughput accelerates iterative model development
  • Enterprise grade features deliver out of the box compliance and resiliency
  • Industry leading storage efficiency allows endless scale
  • Single analytics solution for both real-time and batch analysis

Realize the future of data analytics with Dell Technologies

Dell storage, the ideal platforms for data analytics at scale, deliver high performance and extreme concurrency at scale while enabling simple, efficient solutions which accelerate cycles of learning by bridging historical and real-time databases while conforming to regulatory standards and guaranteeing enterprise data protection.
Data Analytics

Agile and flexible
Consolidate, manage and analyze all your data in one place with multi-protocol support that lets you deploy a wide range of data analytics applications.

Unbounded scale
Seamlessly scale data volume and concurrency in your data analytics platform to support exploding data analytics growth while optimizing server costs.

Extreme performance
Eliminate the I/O bottleneck to accelerate time-to-insight and improve accuracy with analytics based on deeper data sets.

Simplified data management
Minimize your business risk and lifecycle management costs of large-scale data analytics with enterprise-grade security, data protection and data management.

Modernize your data analytics infrastructure and stay ahead of your competition

Accelerate innovation with All-Flash performance to expedite model training cycles; Improve data science productivity with flexible in-place analytics and pre-validated solutions for faster, lower risk deployments; Increase model accuracy with higher resolution data sets; And, run simple scale-out deployments starting small and independently scale-out compute and storage for large scale deployments.

Resources Storage for Data Analytics Resources

Storage for Splunk Solution Overview

Learn how Dell Technologies and Splunk have partnered to make adopting Splunk simpler by engineering a portfolio of purpose-built Splunk solutions with non-disruptive scalability and performance optimized for Splunk workloads.

Reimagining Traditional Data Warehouses with Yellowbrick and Dell Technologies

Learn about how Dell Technologies partners with Yellowbrick to enable our customers to seamlessly build and deploy a scalable and future-proof IT infrastructure.

Intel® Core™ Processors
Learn More about Intel