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How to Export the PERC Controller Log via OpenManage Server Administrator - OMSA

Summary: This article explains how to export the RAID controller log (TTY log) directly from OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) using the interface or using the command lines.

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This article explains how to export the RAID controller log (TTY log) directly from OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) using the GUI interface or using the command lines.
In addition to this, you can also export the system's entire collection of support logs including Operating System logs, Application Data and RAID controller logs by exporting the SupportAssist Collection via iDRAC9 or SupportAssist Collection via iDRAC7 or iDRAC8. An alternate method to export just the the RAID controller log (TTY log ) from RAID controller, please see the detail in How to export the TTY PERC Controller Log via RAID Controller.

Table of content

  1. Using the interface
  2. Using the CLI
  3. Video

Using the interface

  1. Log on to OMSA, highlight the Controller on the left pan and click on Information/Configuration (Figure 1):
    Figure 1: OMSA Controller Menu

  2. On the next screen (will take several seconds to load) scroll down to controller tasks. Click on the drop-down and select Export Log (Figure 2).Then click on Execute.
    Figure 2: Drop Down Menu

  3. On the next screen scroll down and click on export log file (Figure 3).
    Figure 3: Export Log File

  4. Look for the export file in the specific folder:

    Linux: \var\log\lsi_Date.log
    Windows: C:\Windows\lsi_Date.log
    Citrix Xen Server: \var\log\lsi_Date.log
    ESX5: \var\log\lsiexport.log

    Figure 4: Example for Windows OS


SLN249450_en_US__5icon Note: Alternatively you can use the following command via CLI: omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=0

Storage > PERC Controller > Information/Configuration 

Available Reports drop down


Storage > PERC Controller > Information/Configuration
Available Reports drop down 

Extract TTY Log in OMSA Using the Command Line Interface - CLI mode

The following command works for Perc 5 i/E - Perc 6 i/E - Perc H700 - Perc H800 - Perc H710 H710P - H800

OpenManage Server Administrator
must be installed on the local server.


Open a Terminal (Linux) or DOS window.

Enter the following command line to identify the « id » of the concerned controller.
omreport storage controller
Extract the log of the controller with the following command. The ID represents the identifier of the controller, e.g. 0 for PERC H700 or 1 for PERCH800. If you have only 1 controller in the server you can directly enter 0.
omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=id 
e. g.
omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=0 

Once the command is executed, the log file LSI_Date.log will be saved in the specified directory:
  • For Windows: C:\Windows
  • For Linux : /var/log


Video (Only English):

Export Raid Controller Logs using OMSA





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