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Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible

Summary: The following article provides information about Dell AMD FreeSync monitors which are Nvidia G-Sync compatible.

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Follow the guidelines below for the requirements and steps to enable Nvidia G-Sync on the supported monitor.


NOTE: A G-Sync Compatible monitor is where Nvidia validates an AMD FreeSync monitor to provide artifact-free performance when used with selected Nvidia graphics cards. G-Sync Compatible is a trimmed down version of G-Sync. (It does not have features such as ultralow motion blur, overclocking, and variable overdrive.)

Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Requirements

The following requirements are necessary to enable Nvidia G-Sync technology support on the monitors listed below:

  • An Nvidia graphics card that is G-Sync compatible (for example, GTX 10xx and above)
  • Ensure you use a DisplayPort cable for your video output
  • Ensure that the latest Nvidia drivers for the graphics card are installed on the computer
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Dell Monitors that Support AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync:

  • G2422HS
  • G2524H
  • G2722HS
  • G2723H
  • G2723HN
  • G2724D
  • G3223D
  • G3223Q
  • S2419HGF
  • S2421HGF
  • S2522HG
  • S2721DGF, S2721DGFA
  • S2721HGF, S2721HGFA
  • AW2521HF, AW2521HFA, AW2521HFL, AW2521HFLA
  • AW2720HF, AW2720HFA
  • AW2723DF
  • AW2724DM
  • AW3225QF
  • AW5520QF
Note: Using G-Sync with a monitor that is not found in the above list can lead to issues like flickering, blanking, and more. For information about troubleshooting these issues, reference Troubleshooting Flickering Video on Dell Gaming or Alienware Monitors.

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Steps to Enable Nvidia G-Sync

Follow the steps below to enable Nvidia G-Sync on the supported Dell monitor:

  1. In the display properties, enable Nvidia G-Sync.

    NOTE: Ensure that either G-Sync or FreeSync is enabled in the monitor OSD settings. See the User Manual of your Dell monitor to learn how to enable G-Sync or FreeSync on your monitor.
  2. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel (right-click the desktop, then click Nvidia Control Panel from the drop-down menu) on your computer.

    NVIDIA Control Panel Selection

    (Figure.1 Nvidia Control Panel)

  3. Go to Manage 3D settings and ensure that the monitor technology is set to G-Sync.

    NVIDIA Control Panel Manage 3D Settings

    (Figure.2 Manage 3D Settings)

  4. Go to Set up G-SYNC panel and follow these steps:

    NVIDIA Control Panel Set Up G-Sync

    (Figure.3 Set Up G-Sync)

    1. Check the box next to Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible.

    2. Select your display.

    3. Check the box next to Enable settings for the selected display model (Ignore the warning Selected display is not validated as G-SYNC compatible.)

    4. Click Apply to finalize the setup. The monitor restarts and then G-Sync shows as enabled.

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13 Jan 2024



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