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Storage Center 7.5.10 Release Notes

Known issues

The following high severity issues remain unresolved in this release:

Table 1. Known issues in Storage Center 7.5.10Storage Center 7.5.10 known issues
Issue Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
SCOS-62354 Alerts, Logs, and Reports For SCv3000 Series, SC5020, and SC7020 storage systems, the BIOS and iDRAC may not display the correct DIMM speed. The incorrect DIMM speed that is displayed in the BIOS and iDRAC can be ignored.
SCOS-60273 Alerts, Logs, and Reports Applications that use third-party LDAP clients may cause Windows to generate incorrect Event ID 2889 message entries. This issue occurs if LDAP interface events are logged and the LDAPServerIntegrity setting is set to 2. The Event ID 2889 message entries can be ignored.
SCOS-38226 Alerts, Logs, and Reports In rare instances, a Sync LiveVolume Auto Failover alert is not cleared when the condition is corrected. Use Storage Manager to manually acknowledge and clear the alert.
SCOS-13237 Data Reduction The Storage Type Data Reduction statistics might be incorrect if the amount of data eligible for Data Reduction contains fewer than 256 pages. None
SCOS-63135 Documentation Some of the Storage Center documentation contains instructions for modifying the BMC/iDRAC interface settings on a storage system. The BMC/iDRAC interface is intended for use by trained technical support personnel. Do not modify the BMC/iDRAC interface settings on a storage system unless instructed to do so by technical support.
SCOS-52646 Hardware The boot cycle of an SC9000 controller might stop responding or restart several times because of an issue in the BIOS or pre-boot sequence. Perform a cold boot of the SC9000 controller by disconnecting both power cables from the controller, waiting one minute, and then reconnecting the power cables to controller.
SCOS-49735 Hardware On SCv3000 series, SC5020, or SC7020 storage systems, the ports on Intel branded SFP+ modules in XL710 mezzanine cards might go into an infinite up and down loop. Use Dell branded SFP+ modules in XL710 mezzanine cards instead of Intel branded SFP+ modules.
SCOS-60092 Live Volume and Replication If Live Volume is enabled on a storage system, and a Live Volume auto failover occurs during a Storage Center firmware upgrade, the Live Volume on the storage system might become inaccessible. Disable Live Volume Auto Failover before performing upgrades or known maintenance on a storage system. Enable Live Volume Auto Failover after the work on the storage system is complete.
SCOS-59752 Live Volume and Replication When replicating from a Storage Center to a PS Group, if the size of the replica reserve is set to 105%, an in-progress replica is deleted on the destination PS Group when the borrowing space limit is exceeded. The source Storage Center reports that the remote disk is down, and it enters a retrying state. Reseed the replication and set the size of the replica reserve to 200%.
SCOS-41280 Live Volume and Replication Using a cluster shared volume (CSV) on a Storage Center within a Windows 2016 cluster solution might result in an I/O failure during an infrastructure fault condition where one of the Windows hosts is isolated from both its peer and its quorum witness. Use redundant physical switches to reduce the possibility of the I/O failure.
SCOS-17981 Live Volume and Replication Server mappings may not be removed completely when a server is removed from a cluster using Storage Manager before the server is removed from the cluster.

When a server is removed from one Storage Center only, or a volume is unmapped on one Storage Center only, the persistent reservations might not stay consistent between primary volume and secondary volume.

Remove the server from the cluster through the operating system first. After the server is rebooted, remove the server object using Storage Manager.

When removing a server from a cluster or unmapping a volume, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the server from the cluster, or unmap the volume on the server side before making changes on the Storage Centers.
  2. Delete the server on both Storage Centers, or unmap the volume on both Storage Centers.
SCOS-14322 Live Volume and Replication A one path to disk alert is generated when a Live Volume is created and there is only one replication path per controller. None
ENHTKR-90 Live Volume and Replication When importing a volume, Storage Manager does not allow you to select 0 as the LUN number. Change the LUN number of the volume to 0 after importing the volume.
SCOS-59639 Storage Management A controller might reset due to a timeout caused by IPMI/KCS driver errors. Set the IP address of the iDRAC (BMC) on each controller to a non-routable address such as
SCOS-40588 Storage Management Connecting to a storage system through Storage Manager Data Collector and setting up an iSCSI fault domain in legacy mode might result in the error Unable to access controller port information and an iSCSI fault domain with only one port. Use the Storage Manager Client to connect directly to the storage system and then set up an iSCSI fault domain in legacy mode.
SCOS-22150 Storage Management In rare instances, a controller failover on an SC7020 or SC5020 storage system might prevent Secure Console access. Contact technical support.
SCOS-22026 Storage Management Removing an HBA or deleting a server object before unmapping it from volumes might result in the server losing access to volumes and prevent controller failover from completing properly. Contact technical support.
HPEM-541 Storage Management In rare instances, SC7020 updates do not complete successfully and the Storage Center might indicate that updates are still required. Contact technical support.
SCOS-63415 User Interface The snapshots count on a Storage Center may be zero when connecting directly to a Storage Center running Storage Center 7.5.2 or later using Unisphere for SC Series or the Storage Manager Client. Connect to a Storage Center through the Storage Manager Data Collector using Unisphere Central or the Storage Manager Client to display the correct snapshots count.
SCOS-62922 Vendors A Fibre Channel port may restart after being plugged into a Brocade Fibre Channel switch running Fabric OS v8.2.0, v8.2.1, or v8.2.2 that also has multiple logical switches configured. Set the fabric.rdp_poll_cycle setting to 0 in the switch configuration for Fabric OS v8.2.0, v8.2.1, or v8.2.2. This issue is fixed in Fabric OS v8.2.3 and v9.0.0.
SQAI-9 Vendors An ESXi 5.5 (Update 3b) host using FCoE and QLogic 8262 converged network adapters (CNAs) might cause the host to fail during controller failovers. Update the QLogic firmware on the adapter. The QLogic firmware is available at
SQAI-3 Vendors Software FCoE timeouts might occur when using CNAs in NIC mode. Update the QLogic firmware on the adapter. The QLogic firmware is available at
SQAI-2 Vendors An ESXi 5.5 or 6.0 host with an Emulex FC/FCoE HBA running driver version 11.0.x.x might reset during a controller failover. Update to the latest Dell custom images of ESXi 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5.
SQAI-1 Vendors Fibre Channel boot from SAN does not work with Emulex LPe12002 boot code version 7.00a2 and the Linux servers RHEL 6.8, SLES 12, and XenServer 7.0. Update to Emulex 12002 boot code version 11.20a8 or later.
SCOS-27133 Vendors Server bandwidth to the onboard 10 Gb Ethernet ports on an SC7020 drops significantly on reads when the server iSCSI initiator has interrupt moderation set to default or enabled. For a Windows server, disable interrupt moderation on the iSCSI cards as described in Dell EMC SC Series Storage: Microsoft Multipath I/O Best Practices. For operating systems other than Windows, review the operating system documentation for instructions on changing interrupt moderation settings. For example, on Linux use the ethtool utility to change interrupt moderation settings.

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