• Intelligent Data Systems

    • Simplify data management with intelligent data systems from Dell Technologies

    • Managing business data that is constantly growing in size and complexity requires more than your run-of-the-mill data protection solutions. IT teams need intelligent data systems that can help to simplify data management, minimize costs, streamline compliance and accelerate backups to reduce the impact on applications and IT systems.

      Dell Technologies provides intelligent data systems that give organizations of every size the tools they need to protect, manage, recover, archive, replicate and reuse data, and to unlock more value from this business-critical asset. 

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      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Intelligent data systems reduce cost and complexity

    • When considering which intelligent data systems to deploy, IT teams must take into consideration the wide range of intelligent data management challenges confronting organizations today.

      Data volumes have never been greater and are growing at an unstoppable pace. At the same time, IT environments are more complex than ever, with data distributed across storage sites on premises and in public, private or hybrid clouds. Regulations are ever more stringent, complicating the use and storage of data and tying up IT staff resources with legal and compliance inquiries. Performance SLAs continue to get tighter, making it imperative that intelligent data systems not add additional strain on IT systems or increase backup windows. And despite all of these challenges, IT departments are required to do “more with less” as their budgets are constrained or even reduced.

    • Dell intelligent data systems

    • For organizations seeking ways to cost-effectively combat the challenges of data management, Dell provides intelligent data systems that drastically reduce the cost and complexity of managing and protecting data. 

      Intelligent data systems from Dell Technologies include:

      • Data protection and backup appliances. Dell appliances include cloud-enabled protection storage, software-defined solutions and integrated appliances that dramatically simplify data management.
      • Data protection and backup software. Next-generation data backup and protection software from Dell helps to protect data capital and, simplify data management and enables you to unlock more value from business data assets.
      • Data protection and backup solutions. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solutions help protect critical data, identify suspicious activity and perform data recovery when needed. Virtualization solutions provide protection for VMware environments and deliver higher performance, superior deduplication, lower bandwidth usage and a lower cost to protect. And Dell cloud data management technology enables in-cloud backup, long-term retention to the cloud and cloud disaster recovery while ensuring greater cloud data security.

    • Why choose intelligent data systems from Dell Technologies?

    • Dell intelligent data systems provide distinct advantages for organizations of all sizes.

      • Easier management. Dell intelligent data systems are designed to drastically simplify data management and to minimize the administrative burden on IT teams.
      • Smaller footprints. Thanks to advanced deduplication technology, Dell solutions can significantly reduce the footprint required for data protection.
      • Faster backups. Dell intelligent data systems enable fast backups, helping to minimize bandwidth costs and reduce the adverse impact of backup on applications and systems.
      • Self-service options. Self-service functionality allows data and application owners to have more control over their data and to perform backup and recovery operations from their native applications.
      • Easy scalability. Protect your data across edge, core and cloud with integrated protection storage and software, search and analytics, that protect everywhere across a wide application ecosystem.
      • Cloud enablement. Dell intelligent data systems can support any mix of data in public, private and hybrid clouds as well as in data storage on premises.

    • Future proof your intelligent data systems

    • PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

      • A 3-year satisfaction guarantee, far longer than the industry standard of 30 days.
      • Hardware investment protection that allows companies to trade-in existing or competitive systems for credit toward next-generation Dell products.
      • Clear and transparent support pricing that details prepaid support.
      • All-inclusive software – everything needed to store and manage business-critical data.
      • Deduplication guarantee – get significant data reduction using recommended best practices.
      • Storage reduction guarantees – guaranteed storage data reduction rates for workloads.

    • FAQs: intelligent data systems

    • What are intelligent data systems?
      Intelligent data systems combine hardware, software, solutions and services that enable organizations to protect and manage business-critical data assets more easily and cost-efficiently while also preparing for the continued exponential growth of business data.

      Can Dell intelligent data systems handle Oracle, Microsoft, IBM or SAP backup?
      Yes. Dell intelligent data systems include industry-leading tools for backup, recovery and disaster recovery for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP and other business systems.

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      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

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